Summer of Bethyl 2017

Summer of Bethyl

June 25 – September 2, 2017

Let’s bring back the good times with this throwback to all things Bethyl

Each week will feature a new theme for people to particpate in.

June 25 – Introductions and Orientation Week

  • Introduce yourself, talk about why you love Bethyl, what your favorite moments between them are

July 2 –  ZA Fic Week

  • Post your favorite ZA stories with Bethyl as the main character.
  • Post a brand new ZA story

July 9 –  Fan Art Week

  • Post your favorite Bethyl FanArt (be sure to tag the original artist)
  • Create and post some new Bethyl fanart

July 16 – Smut Week

  • Post your favorite smut fics or art
  • Create and post new smut fics or art

July 23 – Comic-Con Week

  • Post your favorite moments from Comic-Con 2014 (The original summer of Bethyl)
  • Discuss the trailer for Season 8

July 30 – Song Week

  • Post which songs remind you of Bethyl.

August 6 – GIF set / Photoset Week

  • Post your favorite Gifsets or Photosets of Bethyl
  • Create and post some new ones

August 13 – AU Fic Week

  • Post your favorite AU stories with Bethyl as the main character.
  • Post a brand new AU story

August 20 – Theory Week

  • Post your theories on Beth (whichever way you believe) Why she made her choices in grady? Is she still alive? What would have happened if she had survived.

August 27 –  Video Week

  • Post your favorite Bethyl videos
  • Create and post some new Bethyl videos

September 2 – Appreciation Week

  • Send love to one another. Send a thank you to your fave writers or artists.
  • Post about how you made new friends through this fandom
  • Discuss great moments you’ve had in the fandom
  • Talk about meeting Norman or Emily in person and what it was like

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