AU Fic Week

Week 8.jpg

The campfire is burning long all week as we sit around and talk about our favorite AU fanfics.

What jobs did they have? Where were they located? How did they meet?

What are your favorites? Share them here or tag them on tumblr with #summerofbethyl2017


Song Week

Week 6.jpg

Let’s get the karaoke started!

Bring out the tunes and let’s sing along as we share our favorite Bethyl songs.

What songs remind you of our favorite duo? Was there a song on the show that you listen to on repeat?

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Comic-Con Week

Week 5.jpg

It’s been three years since the original Summer of Bethyl and here we are, still going strong. Let’s look back to those good old days and lounge on our beach chairs and chat.

Those scrapbooks your bought, full of photos and interviews…..bring them out and share them with the group.

And the Season 8 trailer….let’s discuss that!

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Fan Art Week

Week 3.jpg
image by @spnfox

Did you survive without getting bitten? Or maybe you’re into that kind of thing and I say, good for you!

Time to get out those pencils, markers and sketch pads cause it’s fan art week. Setup your easels on the beach, and relax. Let the calmness inspire you to draw whatever you like…..that’s Bethyl of course!

Share your favorites on tumblr with the tag #summerofbethyl2017 or visit the page.

Summer of Bethyl 2017 – Week 1

Week 1.jpg

Oh hello there and welcome!

We have a summer full of fun and all things Bethyl so I hope you came prepared. Unpack those fanfics and photos and get ready to mingle with other Bethylers.

This summer is about celebrating our favorite duo from the Walking Dead and I hope that everyone can remain positive and upbeat for the next 11 weeks.

Once you’ve unpacked, please familiarize yourself with the schedule. Here you will find each week’s theme and links to individual pages for that week.

You can choose to post your favorite things on Tumblr, using the hashtag #summerofbethyl2017, or you can message me directly here.

This week, let’s introduce ourselves. Come out from the shadows and talk about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you? What brought you to the Bethyl fandom? Do you write, draw, fanvid, cheer from the sidelines? We wanna hear from you.

So get those posts up and follow along in our common area.

Thank you for joining us in Summer of Bethyl 2017 and have fun!

Meant To Be Stories Are Up!

Visit my blog to read the 5 amazing stories that were submitted for the Meant To Be Contest. Thank you to all those who participated.

This is an anonymous contest so the writers won’t be known until the winner is announced on February 14th. Writers will then be able to post their stories on their personal accounts.

Read through all the stories and then vote for your favorite. You can vote once and polls will close on February 12th.

Happy Reading!


moonshine awards2.jpg

Reminder that you have till the end of January 14th, to nominate your favorite fics from 2016.


Some categories that could use some more nominations are:

Best Reunion

Best Fix it Fic

Best Classic Fic (completed prior to 2016)

Best Kiss

Best Humor

Also, stories must be completed between December 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016 (unless noted otherwise)

So get nominating while we work hard on banners and stuff!