Give It Some Time (Till The End of The World) by weshallflyaway

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The others, they begin to forget her, and Daryl tries to be okay with that. There should be someone who remembers though. There should be someone and it’ll be him.




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Song Week

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Let’s get the karaoke started!

Bring out the tunes and let’s sing along as we share our favorite Bethyl songs.

What songs remind you of our favorite duo? Was there a song on the show that you listen to on repeat?

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Comic-Con Week

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It’s been three years since the original Summer of Bethyl and here we are, still going strong. Let’s look back to those good old days and lounge on our beach chairs and chat.

Those scrapbooks your bought, full of photos and interviews…..bring them out and share them with the group.

And the Season 8 trailer….let’s discuss that!

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Bump Series by lemonstar


As the building manager in a newly renovated apartment building, it’s Daryl Dixon’s job to make sure that things are working properly for all of the tenants. It’s his job to unclog the shower drain in apartment A2. It’s not his job to wonder where her boyfriend or husband is when she asks if he can help her put a baby crib together.



Oh, Child

1st Place Best Series for 2017 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place Best Multi-Chapter for 2017 Moonshine Awards

3rd Place Best AU for 2017 Moonshine Awards


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In Your Arms by Piper Elizabeth

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After the prison falls, Beth and Daryl are on their own. When they find the funeral home, they think they have found a safe haven. But then Beth is taken and Daryl will do anything to find her. But will he be able to help her after the trauma she’s been through? Will they ever be able to find their way into each other’s arms?



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I Know It Now by AlisaRB

I Know It Now.jpg

Beth works as a nurse in residence Rosewood, and she’s one of the very few people who Mrs. Dixon seems to tolerate, but when the management threatens to expel the old woman if her behavior doesn’t improve, Beth starts looking for her relatives and runs into Daryl Dixon.



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Sugar & Spice Series by dynamicsymmetry

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After both being so tired of losing people, Beth and Daryl discover each other – and that the world can be sweeter than they ever imagined.


I Will Be Your Honey Bee

If You’d Just Lay Down Your Tracks


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