My Love Keeps Getting Bigger by Schwoozie


Beth and Daryl have lived what feels like a lifetime together. It won’t ever be enough, but with what they have, Daryl’s living for every goddamned day.


3rd Place Best On The Road Fic for 2018 Moonshine Awards


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Survivor by Lemonstar


“So, I guess this means we’re in an alliance together,” Beth beams up at him. “Guess so,” he shrugs as they start to walk back to where their camp is being set up, making sure they pick up sticks along the way so everyone else will think they were just off, looking for firewood.



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Man on the Beach by katiegirl99

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Beth works as a lifeguard while she attends college in a beach community in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. One day, she meets a man on the beach who has obviously experienced some sort of trauma. Beth seeks to understand this good-looking stranger, Daryl, who has all of a sudden been dropped into her life. AU. Slow burn.



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