Bath Time by Audriss

Bath Time

Beth tries to relax, but her sore back and muscles are giving her hard time (pun unintended). Daryl refuses to allow her to get up from the tub before she is fully relaxed.



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Borders and Horizon Lines by dynamicsymmetry

Borders and Horizon Lines.JPG

Together for half a year after the prison fell, Beth and Daryl finally find their way to the ASZ. The reunion is joyful, but the adjustment is difficult in ways they could never have predicted. And maybe it doesn’t need to be. Maybe they need to stop closing doors and open some new ones.




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When I See You Again by burnedupasun

When I See You Again.jpg

It’s been ten years since Daryl held Beth’s lifeless body in his arms. The world has changed but humanity has survived, and Daryl has survived too. He is alive; still breathing, still walking, still pushing himself to keep going year after year… until one day, it all changes when he sees a name on a list of survivors. Two words. Two syllables. Ten letters. Beth Greene.



2nd Place Best One Shot for 2015 Moonshine Awards

Winner of Best ASZ Fic for 2015 Moonshine Awards

3rd Place Best Love Scene for 2015 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place Best Fix-It Fic for 2015 Moonshine Awards


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Kentucky Ink, Georgia Blood by ayame2004

Kentucky Ink, Georgia Blood

Daryl is a tattoo artist who first meets up and coming singer Beth Greene when her manager decides to make a stop in town. When it turns out that Beth has a stalker who attacks the tattoo parlor while she’s inside, Daryl gets hired on as part of her security detail. One thing leads to another and their relationship becomes more than just professional.



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