Love, Lost and Found by gneebee

Love Lost and Found

He was mopping the corridor in the ER when they brought her in. She had big bandages around her wrist and a cut over her eye and she was fighting mad. They had her tied down and the doc and the nurse were telling her to relax they needed to care for her injuries, everything would be fine. The same bullshit he heard them tell a lot of people.



2nd Place Best Reunion for 2018 Moonshine Awards


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Ballerina Beth by akiraflame-tumblr


What if Beth was a ballerina and Daryl was the janitor. One night he was cleaning all sudden he hears music he went to see who was still in here he about to yell at the person because he just wants to finish his job and lock up so he can go home. But he did not expect to see a very beautiful girl dancing around the stage?




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