From The Ashes by Melissa_Alexander

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The danger had passed and Daryl was reunited with Beth, but what did she really mean to him? With the full group back together his emotions were as clouded as ever. A passionate sense of desire was darkened by his hesitation and self-doubt. – Takes place after the season 4 finale. 




From The Embers


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Burn The Rest by rednecksaints

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“We bury the ones we love and burn the rest.”

Filling in the gaps between episodes 5×08 and 5×09, this is my ode to Beth Greene. We may never know what happened to her body, and we may never know why she was the only character to not have an on-screen funeral, but that’s what fic is for.




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It Only Hurts When I Breathe by Aireabella

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Beth was dead. It had all been a dream. Daryl Dixon was done.

This story follows the events of The Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason finale, and is an alternate tragic ending to the Beth and Daryl fan fiction “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”.


2nd Place Best Classic for 2016 Moonshine Awards


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She Is The Sunlight by leftmywingshome


When the trade for hostages goes bad, Beth is shot in the hallway of Grady hospital. Her family believes she’s dead. In the parking lot an approaching horde threatens their safety as they try to leave, but Daryl can’t just leave her behind. So he doesn’t.



1st Place Best Fix-It Fic for 2016 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place Best Happily Ever After for 2016 Moonshine Awards

3rd Place Best One-Shot for 2016 Moonshine Awards


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