Eight Days by EternallyElvish

Eight Days

Beth’s humdrum life as a diner girl gets turned upside down when a man ducks into her booth during a thunderstorm. There was none quite as intriguing or wonderful as Daryl Dixon, and Beth thinks his smirk might just be what she never knew she wanted all along.



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Waiting On You Series by LemonStar


¬†Beth needs to get away from everything and gets into her car, just driving with no destination in mind. She finds herself in a small Georgia town in the middle of nowhere and decides it’s the perfect place to start over – especially when she gets a job at the town’s diner and sees one of the regulars, sitting in his corner booth every night.



The Dixon Path

The Dixon Blood


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If You Love Me Like Music (I’ll Be Your Song) by Schwoozie


Going on a blind date to distract Annette from the fact that he’s seeing her teenage daughter… it seemed like a good idea at the time.

If only Daryl hadn’t forgotten to factor in one thing: that teenage daughter herself.

Based on dynamicsymmetry’s “I’ll Be Yours For A Song”



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Leaving Georgia by gneebee


She was a tiny thing with blond hair worn up in a ponytail, great big blue eyes, pale skin and a bright friendly smile. She was wearing a snug pair of Levis and Henley thermal shirt with a plaid flannel…Merle did not fail to notice his baby brothers’ reaction to the young woman.



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