She Loves My Dog by leftmywingshome

She loves my dog leftmywingshome

When her dreams of being a rockstar fall flat, Beth comes back to her sleepy hometown. Daryl’s dog Pup failed to make the grade at guide dog school and instead of leaving him to an uncertain future Daryl becomes a reluctant dog owner. They meet in the most unexpected way and maybe Beth’s on to something when she says it’s a sign. Although Daryl has a completely different take on what that sign means to him.
42,410 words

AO3          ffn-net3

Rated M

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Breathe. Please. by SquishyCool

Breathe please

Beth shows up at the Hilltop alive and well, several months after Daryl heard her take her last breath. But can he get past what happened and accept her familiar warmth back into his life?
Post-season 8 canon divergent porn with angst. Day one Bethyl Smut Week 2k18 prompt: “Breathe.”



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Acts of Love Series by LadyScarlettDixon


During Daryl’s late-night patrol of the farm, he catches Jimmy doing a poor job of pleasuring Beth Greene, when this occurs twice more he snaps and throws the horny boy out of the barn to Beth’s shock. After mocking her for allowing Jimmy to continue his abysmal attempt to fuck her she dares to challenge him to do better, and so Daryl finds himself proving just how loud he can make Beth Greene scream.






Dark And Dangerous by gneebee

Chapter One Alternate

Darkness floated around him like an aura. It was just there. Like it was his own personal darkness and it affected only him. It wasn’t just the look of him, it was the feeling surrounding him, the vibe he gave off. Yes, that was it, it was a dark and dangerous vibe. Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene Bethyl AU



2nd Place Best AU for 2018 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place Best Multi-Chapter for 2018 Moonshine Awards

3rd Place Best Happily Ever After for 2018 Moonshine Awards


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Daddy Daryl by Writer347



Beth finds herself unexpectedly pregnant in the apocalypse but does not want everyone to know who the father of her baby is. After finding out about the pregnancy, Daryl offers to take on the role as father and help Beth raise the baby. The two grow close and feelings start to reveal themselves.



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