I Want to Cut Through the Clouds by dynamicsymmetry


Beth blew Daryl’s mind by coming back from the dead – and then she blew something else. But now, when he’s ready to give her anything, she wants something new. New, simple, and maybe not so simple at all.



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Last Chance by wallflow3r


“Daryl doesn’t know what possesses him to look up. There are no birds flying overhead anymore. No planes. Nothing worth seeing. Yet, as though pulled by a force beyond his understanding, he tilts his face skywards and that’s when he sees it: a thin slither of grey smoke escaping through the roof of the trees.”

Daryl finds Beth and brings her back to the Alexandria Safe Zone. They finally get to finish their conversation from the funeral home.


3rd Place Best Reunion for 2018 Moonshine Awards


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I Hear Everything You Can’t Say by BLThompson

I Hear Everything You Cant Say 2

Daryl and the group went to the hospital to save Beth. Instead of Beth getting shot, Daryl shot Dawn first. Noah and Beth were both able to leave with the group. Now they are all at Alexandria and Daryl has been following Beth around, but hasn’t actually been able to really talk to her. One night, Daryl asks Beth to join him out in a field on the edge of Alexandria where it is just the two of them. Daryl decides to try and tell Beth how he feels, but has trouble because expressing his feelings doesn’t come naturally to him. He gets frustrated with himself, luckily, Beth knows exactly how to handle the situation. Based on the song Say by Raelynn.



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