Ain’t No Prince Charming by BLThompson

Aint No Prince Charming

Beth isn’t kidnapped at the funeral home, instead, the two of them go out searching for the others. One night, while sitting around a fire, Beth can’t help but wonder what her younger self would have thought of her current love interest.



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Single Parents Support Group by EmmyGreene

Single Parents Support Group.jpg

Eighteen year old single mother Beth Greene attends a support group at her church for other single parents. She’s surprised to find Daryl Dixon there too.



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Fix by thedevilyou know106


Daryl had messed up, that was a huge understatement, but the idea still held. Now he was sitting in the local hospital in a long room with machines lining the walls and little chambers that housed, in a few of them, tiny bodies like the one he was staring at. According to Sheriff Grimes this little tissue thin body was his – the premature baby girl in there was Daryl’s daughter.




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