2017 Moonshine Award Nominees

2017 Moonshine Awards

The nominees from each category are listed.

Check each page to see who the lucky authors are.


Someday by EmmyGreene


Set about five years from when Beth was taken from Daryl at the funeral home. Team family living in Alexandria without certain events ( eg no Negan).
Beth is found after suffering numerous traumas, can they help her to heal?



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What We Became Along The Way by onborrowedwings


They’ve been out on the road too long, he knows that. Too much time out in the wild, and he’s begun to forget what safety feels like, begun to forget how to be around people – how to be around anyone but her.



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A Journey Already Taken by Elise Marie

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Daryl has escaped Terminus with all the others, except there’s one thing still clearly missing, one thing that he needs to find before he can agree to some foolish mission to Washington. Beth needs to get out of Grady Memorial, but she isn’t any dead girl anymore, she isn’t waiting for anyone to come and rescue her. Together they will make a journey home. But where is home?



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