The Best Of It by Schwoozie


In the moonshiner’s shack, with a cartful of booze and a walker at the door, they have all the time in the world. Beth says they might as well make the best of it.

They do.



banner courtesy of Schwoozie

Bethyl Fanfiction Banners Needed!


In an effort to get the site moving again we are looking for banners!!

If you are an author that has a banner or if you are a reader who would like to make a banner for a fic you love (as long as it isn’t already posted on the site)  we would love to share them along with the amazing fics we have yet to post!

You can share them on @leftmywingshome tumblr! If you have any questions please direct them here too, for the time being!

Thank you so much! The world needs more Bethyl fanfiction and we are here to make sure you know where it is!!


Hello my followers!

I just wanted to give a notice to you guys, that I’m stepping away from things for a while. I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal stuff lately and I need to step back and get myself better.

Jenn (leftmywingshome) is still here and running things in my absence and she knows how to get a hold of me so if there is something desperately you need, please contact her!

Bethyl Smut Week is coming up so please participate or send love to those who do.

Bethyl is still my love and I’m not forgetting them anytime soon. I’ll be back before you know it…

Stacey (UltimateBethylFicList)