#BHF2019: Halloween

Welcome to the Bethyl Holidays Festival!
We’re kicking it off with the spooky season – Halloween is just around the corner! 

Halloween banner

We came up with some fun prompts to help inspire ideas for our favorite OTP! Submission deadlines are as follows. We will also be featuring all the submitted works for the specified prompt on these days:

  • Trick or Treat (10/28)
  • Pumpkin (10/29)
  • Black Cats (10/30)

Halloween collage

We are looking for all kinds of spooktacular fanworks: fic of any length (drabbles, ficlets, one-shots, multi-chap), drawings, collages, fanvids, poems… you make it, we want it! We will be regularly checking the tags for #BethylHolidaysFest2019 and #BHF2019.

Please use #BHF2019 on AO3 and Tumblr. Thank you! 

Since it’s so close to Halloween already, we also want to encourage you to submit previous works fitting the theme as well. We will share them and feature them and hopefully turn others onto some lesser-known works! We will continue to accept and share works after 10/30, but only for a few days before we head into the next holiday prompts.

This is not a contest – we won’t pick a best of this time around. Instead, we want to feature old and new authors and fanworks to spark imagination and continued enthusiasm for our ship! Most of all, we want everyone to have fun and get inspired!

Submissions can be made via Tumblr or our email: bethylficlist@gmail.com. Please send us the link to your work if you want to be featured. 

Please spread the word & be sure to stay wicked, fellow Bethylers!

Howl by dynamicsymmetry


A year after the mysterious slaughter of her entire family, Beth Greene is no closer to finding those responsible, and no one will believe her when she insists they weren’t human. But when she’s saved by – and proceeds to save – a monster of a very different kind, she finds herself drawing close to her goal in ways she never expected.
And he might be the most unexpected thing of all.
468,000+ words // 100 chapters & in progress

AO3          ffn-net3

Rated MA



Fog on the Windows by thedevilyouknow106


He’d tracked her all the way to this creepy hospital with the cops that had a woman with dead eyes as a leader. There was no way Daryl was going to let Beth stand toe to toe with her without him being within arm’s reach.
Slow burn rated M for language and eventual adult situations.
280,000+ words // 40 chapters & in progress

AO3          ffn-net3

Rated MA

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Aireabella


Having lost their home at the prison, their family, and friends, Daryl and Beth are forced to set out on their own. The brutality of their world and their survival instincts will set them on a course to form a bond they never expected.
This story will follow the exploits of Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene after the fall of the prison in the Season 4 Mid-Season Finale.
270,000+ words // 83 chapters & in progress

AO3          ffn-net3

First Place Best Work In Progress for 2016 Moonshine Awards
Second Place Best Work In Progress for 2017 Moonshine Awards

Rated MA

banner courtesy of DoeRoseQ on instagram & tumblr

She Loves My Dog by leftmywingshome

She loves my dog leftmywingshome

When her dreams of being a rockstar fall flat, Beth comes back to her sleepy hometown. Daryl’s dog Pup failed to make the grade at guide dog school and instead of leaving him to an uncertain future Daryl becomes a reluctant dog owner. They meet in the most unexpected way and maybe Beth’s on to something when she says it’s a sign. Although Daryl has a completely different take on what that sign means to him.
42,410 words

AO3          ffn-net3

Rated M

banner courtesy of leftmywingshome