Lost and Found

Post your lost stories in the comments or reply in the comments if you know what they are talking about.

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232 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Looking for 2 fics, both older.

    1) at the prison, a new guy makes a comment about Beth being a Georgia peach and Daryl beats the crap out of him. Council expels the creep I think.

    2) Beth is taken by claimers. Daryl gets her back, and they marry in an op shop in vintage dresses


  2. Hello my Bethyl loves!
    I’m looking for an older fic that took place after the fall of the farm. Beth, Daryl, Lori (who has given birth to Judith) and maybe a few others are living in a house and have a sort of wolf pack mentality going on. Eventually they are reunited with the rest of TF and Beth becomes very aggressive and protective of Daryl. Sorry it’s so vague but I have been having a hankering to reread this one!!


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