Lost and Found

Post your lost stories in the comments or reply in the comments if you know what they are talking about.


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517 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Looking for beth is a psychology student living with Maggie. Daryl is in some sort of gang and teaches her to fight.


  2. Looking for a fic where Beth and Daryl are together but Beth gets taken by a bad group of guys Merle is with them. At one point the lead bad guy ties Beth to a tree and have hunters try to hunt Daryl while he tries to find Beth before she gets bit or the bad guys hunting find her. I think in the end Merle helps…. Any ideas?


  3. I’m looking for the fic that switches between flash backs and current time. Daryl and Beth are separated froM the group when the farm fell and eventually make their way to the prison where they are placed in a different cell block from team family. When Rick first greets them he suggests that they take separate cells in the family cell block
    to make things less weird for the others.


  4. I am looking for a fiction where daryl and merle are members of a gang and beth goes to the bar because her father is drunk. She is abducted by the governor because he thinks she is daryl’s girlfriend and has information about the gang. They set her free and daryl finds her across the road bruised and battered he take her to his home (at some point she pisses on his bed because of a nightmare)


  5. Looking for a fic where Beth and Daryl don’t get separated after the prison falls. I’m not even sure if this one has the funeral home. They find a some type of fire tower in the middle of the woods are are living at the top. Never reunite with team family but at some point Beth gets pregnant and Rosita, Abraham and Eugene find their place right as she’s going into labor. Any and all guesses are welcome!


  6. Hi, I’m not sure if this is one or two stories that I mixed in my head, maybe you can help me.
    It’s a one shot I think, Beth and Daryl after Grady, she kisses him, wants to take thing further but he stops her, tells her that he cant, that he doesnt want that from her.
    Then I think she tells him that its ok, that she doesnt need the phisical part, he says she cant mean that, but she says she does, because she loves him and thats enough.
    Sorry, thats all I can remember.


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