Lost and Found

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141 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Looking for a story where daryl is a detective/Cop, he and beth keep seeing each other on the train to work, he is about to make a move and he has to chase a purse snatcher… I think he and Rick later go to Beth’s bc someone was looking into her windows


    1. That’s the same story I posted that I was looking for 5 days ago. Apparently, it is called Ride with Me by exoticdeviance. Author took it down but it will be eventually reposted on this site.


  2. I’m looking for a fic. It’s two stories in one.. Like one chapter follows a story where Beth is taken and escapes on her own and finds Daryl and then the next chapter is where she was never taken and stays with Daryl. Think i found it on here!


  3. Looking for a fic. I think it was on AO3. It was a fairly short PWP. Maybe 3 chapters or less. Daryl/Beth meet on their daily commute. Public hidden sex ensues. Later Beth calls the police for a possible Peeping Tom around her house and Cop!Daryl shows up with Rick.


    1. I think it is Ride With It by exoticdeviance but the author took their stories down on ao3. I do think they are trying to get all of them back up on this site though. I just don’t think that one is up on here yet. I may be wrong though. Some others by that author are up already.


  4. Looking for another story where Daryl and Beth escape with Judith and they go on a run into a store and hide her on a shelf while they search. Bad guys maybe Hoes group comes in and threatens the baby unless they “put on a show” and have sex in front of the men. The rest of the story I think is them dealing with what happened and overcoming it.


  5. I’m looking for a story where Beth is around when Negan comes, and her and Daryl are already together. I think Negan is interested in the fact that Daryl and her are together OR Negan doesn’t know about her yet because she’s not in the line up… I could be thinking of two separate stories.


  6. I need some help finding a ZA bethyl fanfic, so i was reading it on my phone accidentally closed the window (I constantly clear my history so it’s not saved) it was divergent from S4 funeral home Beth kills the creepy cop they Grady cops had been stocking them. The fanfiction started with an F had like 40 chapters. Help?! Thanks


  7. I’m looking for a story, Daryl and Beth find a campsite and stay in a cabin (i think after the whole hospital ordeal with everyone else in other cabins) and there’s a second story related to it, a one-shot related to it where they have sex in the bathroom… I’m trying to find it for ages but it may have been deleted who knows…


  8. I’m hoping someone will remember this story… Daryl is a mechanic and carol owns a travel agency. Carol has beth work for her and daryl starts to take beth on cute dates. Can’t remember the name and am having no luck finding it again.


    1. I think it was a story by arrowsandangels called “never been out of georgia”.
      But sadly she removed all her stories a while ago.


  9. I’m looking for a story. Daryl and Beth are on the road they decided to stay in a house and they end up adopting a fox. Eventually they come across rosita, spencer, Aaron,Eric, and a little girl. Sometime later they move up to the mountains and live there with their kids.


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