Lost and Found

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250 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. I’m looking for a story I started reading it but my computer broke and now I can’t find it. It happen at the prison but all I can remember was that beth was pregnant and she makes a list of stuff she needs for the baby. But her daddy takes the list from her and will only give it to the baby father. So Darryl goes and ask for the list but her daddy thinks his just trying to help Beth but his all like “No I’m here for the list the baby is mine” something like that. Please help I want to finish reading it.


  2. I have been trying to find a story where Beth and Daryl get separated and Beth fights her way out of the cop car and eventually ends up at an abandoned sportswear store and she trains herself to use the crossbow and Daryl ends up with the claimers and they find each other at the store some time later. I can’t find the story and would greatly appreciate any help!
    Thanks guys!


  3. Looking for a story where it is right after the farm goes down and beth and Daryl hole up in a cabin. They never go to the prison. Lori is still alive and I think they have walkers on chains protecting the area.


  4. Hi everyone
    I’m looking for a fic where Beth or Daryl sing the song “Country roads take me home”… has anyone ever read it? 🙂 Thank you!


  5. Hi! i am wondering if anyone has read one where it starts out before the apocalypse. Beth has been shown glimpses of her future. She’s not supposed to tell anyone what she saw, but she distinctly remembers Daryl. Because of this during the prison era, the governor demands for beth instead of michonne. Daryl blames beth for merle’s death. would be a great help


  6. Looking for a fic when Beth is a little girl and Shane takes her I believe in a trade for drugs with Carol and he hurts and abuses her for her whole life. Daryl suspects it but can’t be sure, the ZA starts and Shane, Daryl and Beth are on the run and Daryl kills Shane or leaves him for walkers I can’t remember for sure, then he and Beth go to a cabin that I think was Daryl’s uncle’s cabin. At the end of it Beth has just gotten her period and for some reason doesn’t know what it is and yells to Daryl that she’s dying or something like that. Please help?!


  7. Okay so I’m looking for one I read a while ago. Beth is a little girl and being raised by Carol who is a drug addict. Shane is Carol’s dealer and he trades drugs to Carol amd takes Beth away. He raises her sorta as his slave. Towards the end the ZA starts and Shane and Beth leave with Daryl. Daryl kills Shane for how he treats Beth and then he and Beth end up in a cabin somewhere but she is clueless about pretty much everything because Shane has brainwashed her.


  8. Looking for 2 fics, both older.

    1) at the prison, a new guy makes a comment about Beth being a Georgia peach and Daryl beats the crap out of him. Council expels the creep I think.

    2) Beth is taken by claimers. Daryl gets her back, and they marry in an op shop in vintage dresses


  9. Hello my Bethyl loves!
    I’m looking for an older fic that took place after the fall of the farm. Beth, Daryl, Lori (who has given birth to Judith) and maybe a few others are living in a house and have a sort of wolf pack mentality going on. Eventually they are reunited with the rest of TF and Beth becomes very aggressive and protective of Daryl. Sorry it’s so vague but I have been having a hankering to reread this one!!


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