The Heart of Christmas by gneebee

the heart of christmas

He stepped up to the bar, ordered a tall cold one and sat his ass on the stool. He was on his second swallow when he felt it, a hand on his back. Not threatening, not intimidating, it was a light touch, a woman’s touch. He turned his head and there she was.





Down and Out In Georgia by gneebee

Down and Out In Georgia

She was the cause of it, Beth Greene. She was pretty, smart, clever, funny and she’d made a miserable man happy just by being her sweet and crazy self.



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Once I Sink My Teeth, Your Skin’s Not So Tough by voxpopuli


Daryl Dixon is navigating what it means to be a man, and maybe for him, being a man means he enjoys getting pegged by the love of his life.

“He sleeps better than he ever has before. He eats three meals a day. He helps Hershel work on the farm during the summers, and he remembers anniversaries and birthdays. He remembers the things she always puts on the grocery list. He’s got a steady job, an apartment, and he lets his girlfriend fuck him. Hell, he actually really enjoys it.”



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