Damned Dog Series by Wethelow29

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Beth brought home a puppy. Daryl is less than impressed.



Damned Dog, Part 2


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Band-Aids and Coconut Cake by LemonStar


After a breakup with his girlfriend, Daryl Dixon is left with nothing except a broken heart and their once-shared chocolate Lab, Louis. Swearing off women for the rest of his life, Daryl is more than ready to be alone forever. But Louis has other ideas when he has a run-in with a porcupine and has to go see the new vet in town, Dr. Beth Greene.


1st Place Best Multi-Chapter for 2016 Moonshine Awards

1st Place Best AU for 2016 Moonshine Awards

3rd Place Best Classic for 2017 Moonshine Awards


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Gemma by SaraiVe


Daryl finds an abandoned kitten and decides to take it to the local shelter where he meets with Beth Greene, who volunteers part-time. When she tells him it’s not a no-kill shelter and the kitten would only have about 72 hours before it was killed, he decides to keep it since he feels it’s a survivor.




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A Friend For The End of The World by asianballofdoom

A Friend For The End of The World

Daryl and Aaron find Beth on a scouting trip. It’s been months since Daryl left her seemingly lifeless body back at the hospital. She’s been surviving all alone with only a scraggly dog for company, and it will take Daryl’s help to help her adjust to life within the safety of ASZ’s walls.



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