What We Became Along The Way by onborrowedwings


They’ve been out on the road too long, he knows that. Too much time out in the wild, and he’s begun to forget what safety feels like, begun to forget how to be around people – how to be around anyone but her.



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Slippery Slope by Schwoozie


Maggie’s had a long day full of sweat and walker guts, and all she wants is to take a nice relaxing shower before falling into bed with Glenn. In this new world, though, there isn’t much you can count on, and walking in on her baby sister having sex with Daryl Dixon was definitely not part of the plan.



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Sugar & Spice Series by dynamicsymmetry

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After both being so tired of losing people, Beth and Daryl discover each other – and that the world can be sweeter than they ever imagined.


I Will Be Your Honey Bee

If You’d Just Lay Down Your Tracks


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Little Sweet Cigars by texasbelle91

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“Your skin, it smelled of sweat and smoke and little sweet cigars The ceiling, stained with years of troubled hearts and covered scars Your hand, it held my own right through the corridor of cars And led me to the world of wishing wells and shooting stars.” 



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