GIF Set / Photoset Week

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Get those photos, get your laptop, and let’s create!

Who doesn’t love a photoset of our favorite moments? Or a GIF of a pivotal scene? Share them this week on tumblr with the tag #summerofbethyl2017 or share the link on the page.


Comic-Con Week

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It’s been three years since the original Summer of Bethyl and here we are, still going strong. Let’s look back to those good old days and lounge on our beach chairs and chat.

Those scrapbooks your bought, full of photos and interviews…..bring them out and share them with the group.

And the Season 8 trailer….let’s discuss that!

Tag your tumblr posts with #summerofbethyl2017 or share your thoughts on the page.

In Your Arms by Piper Elizabeth

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After the prison falls, Beth and Daryl are on their own. When they find the funeral home, they think they have found a safe haven. But then Beth is taken and Daryl will do anything to find her. But will he be able to help her after the trauma she’s been through? Will they ever be able to find their way into each other’s arms?



banner courtesy of leftmywingshome