Into The Mountains Series by sandlappershell

Into The Mountains.jpg

Not everyone found their way back to the highway after the farm fell. What happens when one group stumbles across ones they thought had been dead for years?




A Valentine’s Tail


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If I Told You Series by leftmywingshome


They met at the bar, but she’s nothing like the women he’s met in bars in the past. Then again he’s no longer the man he was back then either. He knows that if this is gonna go anywhere he’s gonna have to come clean. She doesn’t even want to be here until she is. And she doesn’t know she wants someone like him until she does. And then she isn’t sure how she ever lived without him.




Take My Hand

2nd Place Best Series for 2017 Moonshine Awards

3rd Place Best Classic for 2018 Moonshine Awards


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Paper Heart by leftmywingshome


A little boy with blue eyes came to her rescue on the playground when she was just a little girl. Fast forward fifteen years and there’s a blue-eyed stranger in a bar coming to her rescue again. But something about him seems so familiar.

2017 Ultimate Bethyl Fic List “Meant To Be Contest” Winner!



2nd Place Best One-Shot for 2017 Moonshine Awards


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The Red Card by LadyBethDixon


Ever since Beth walked out of Grady to reunite with her family things have been different between her and Daryl. When Deanna announces an impromptu celebration of Valentine’s Day in ASZ, will Daryl and Beth be able to take the opportunity to pick up where they left off?



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House Call Series by Lemonstar

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A look at the life of Beth and Daryl Dixon.


Winner of Best Series for 2015 Moonshine Award

Winner of Best Happily Ever After Fic for 2015 Moonshine Awards

Winner of Best AU Fic for 2015 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place for Best Multi-Chapter in 2015 Moonshine Awards


The  Continuing Series in order of Author’s prefrence

After Hours

Hide Away

My Kind of Man

Mrs Dixon

Daryl Dixon Goes Down

House of Gold

The Dixons

Orange Sky

What’s In a Name

Dream House

The White House

Growing Up Dixon

Her Little Beethoven


Piano Man

Little Woman

Sister Golden Hair

Give Me A Try

Home Alone

I’m Wishing


Kyle Dixon

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