on the steps of the moonshine shack by kattyshack

OTSOTMS kattyshack

Between the moonlight and the moonshine, Daryl has a few things to think about when it comes to Beth Greene.
2,702 words


Rated K+

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Hair Of The Dog That Bit You by gutsforgarters


“Can’t move,” Beth slurs. “Y’got your crossbow nearby?”

“Yeah.” The “Fuckin’ duh” is unspoken by implied. “Why?”

“Was gonna ask you t’shoot me in the eye an’ put me outta my misery.”

“Don’t be such a pussy, Greene.”



The Secrets of Summer by Carowen

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Daryl and Beth’s whirlwind romance happened out of nowhere but was quickly ended when Beth had to return to school and Daryl disappeared into thin air. But the repercussions of their little tryst were enough to last a lifetime.



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