A Little Faith by spaceshipdear


Taking place right after their escape from Terminus, the prison group and their new allies got out of there. It’s time for Daryl Dixon to tell Maggie what happened to her sister. And for us to learn where was Beth taken. Some Maggie and Daryl bonding. A bit of Rick. And a lot of Bethyl. No smut sorry. 



A New Home


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Unexpected Attraction by jessicagaff0412


Beth can’t help her attraction to her boyfriends boss, Daryl. When Jimmy robs the motorcycle shop and disappears, Beth finds her and Daryl’s attraction headed in unexpected directions. AU. No Apocalypse Concept. Heavy language/Heavy smut Beth G, Daryl D.\ Merle D., Carol




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Note: This fic has a sequel that is a WIP. Unexpected Complications

All I Ever Needed To Know Series by feliz

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“I’m Beth Greene. I’m sorry if she was botherin’ you; she can be like a little escape artist sometimes.” She sticks her right hand out, while her left immediately goes to the kid’s head.

“Daryl Dixon.” He shakes her hand quickly and drops it as his eyes glance down. The kid’s just staring up at him with a big grin on her face.

“This is my Momma. Ain’t she pretty?”

Beth laughs. “Sorry, she’s four so we’re just learning social graces. I bought the house next door and we’re moving in.”


3rd Place Best One-Shot for 2015 Moonshine Awards


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