Ride by lostinthemusic


To say that this wasn’t exactly how Beth planned on spending her summer vacation would be an understatement.



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Love’s Highway by gneebee

Love's Highway.jpg

The trucker noticed her the minute he sat down. She was blond, young and pretty, but she looked like life had dealt her a rough hand.


1st Place Best Happily Ever After for 2016 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place Best AU for 2016 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place Best Classic for 2017 Moonshine Awards


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On The Road by UltimateBethylFicList & ayame2004

On The Road-MC.jpg

Daryl was just getting through his day, travelling across the country with his big rig. Beth was running away from it all. What started out as innocent, turned into something more. And then the dead began to rise…


3rd Place Best Collaboration for 2017 Moonshine Awards


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Anything We Want by Lemonstar

Anything We Want.jpg

Daryl has finally gotten himself away from his brother and though he has no idea where to go now, he knows he just needs to get there. Beth has dreams of performing on a stage somewhere other than in her small Georgia town. Her daddy tells her to be smart so picking up the hitchhiker from the side of the road may not be what he had in mind.



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