My Girl Is A Switchblade by rednecksaints

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Daryl and Beth flee the scene after watching Negan torture the group. For Beth, escaping means freedom. But for Daryl, it means he chose her over everyone else he loves.Did he make a mistake? Can he learn to cope with his decision? And can Beth regain the sense of humanity that was taken from her? This is where the story begins…



2nd Place Best Fix-It Fic for 2016 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place Best Reunion for 2016 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place Best ZA for 2016 Moonshine Awards


WARNING – Mentions of rape

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Footage Not Found Series by dynamicsymmetry


Things we weren’t privy to. Things we didn’t see. Things that may have happened, may be happening, may have happened elsewhere and elsewhen, might happen still.



Tune My Heart To Sing Thy Grace

I Leaned On The Wall And The Wall Leaned Away

The Girl Who Sings Like Breathing

The World So New-And-All

And I Knew Nothing

A Masterpiece Made In The Rain

Something Better Than Before

Under Blankets And Maps To Keep Us Warm

And If These Wings Don’t Fail Me

It Only Shines As Bright As We Are


Let’s Love Like We’re Kids

Light And Guide Me Through

A Voice Buried In The Hollow

From A Scar You’re Never Going To Show

Every Plan Is A Tiny Prayer

We’ll Scream Our Names To The Heavens And Plains

Will You Be My Anchor

And I Hope By Thy Good Pleasure

Here Today, Forgot Tomorrow

May Your Heart Lead You On

My Own Secret Ceremonials

Sleep Like A Baby While I’m Staying Up

The Oxygen In Priestly Green

* Note: Ratings vary with each individual work.
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Just Like Heaven by burnedupasun


When struggling artist Daryl, searching for a new muse to spark his inspiration, put up a sign on the local campus asking for figure models, the last person he’d expected to walk through the door for a meeting was someone as sweet and innocent looking as Beth Greene. But then he got a look at the fire in her eyes, and something inside of him felt ready to ignite.




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Our Place by eReedus


Two-shot based on the prompt “angry Bethyl sex”. Beth does something selfless, Daryl sees something else completely, Beth gets angry, Daryl gets jealous, they both get mad, and plan to get even… inevitably leading to angry Bethyl sex. It’s exactly what it says! A smutty, sexy tale based around the prison.



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