#BHF2019: Christmas

We want to thank everyone that participated in the Thanksgiving Fest! Life can be hectic this time of year and if you have a fic or fanart that you wanted to submit but didn’t get in, remember our inbox is always open. But now it’s time to move on to the next event in our Bethyl Holidays Fest

Christmas banner dates

That’s right, it’s time for Christmas!

We wanted to be extra giving with the Bethyl spirit this holiday season, so we added a bonus 4th prompt this time around! As always, feel free to create and submit/post your fics and art at any time all month long. Submissions will be posted and highlighted on the following dates:

  • Mistletoe (12/21)
  • Candy Canes (12/22)
  • Gifts (12/23)
  • Snow (12/24)

Christmas collage

Just like last time, please submit your fics, artwork, and manips to us at anytime during the month. We’ll be posting each prompt on the date posted. Don’t worry if you don’t make the deadline: we are always happy to accept your work and we will still post it and give it recognition!

We do ask that you submit all work to our email bethylficlist@gmail.com or DM us on Tumblr. If you post to Tumblr, please tag us (ultimatebethylficlist) somewhere within your post along with the #BHF2019 tag. If you use AO3, we have created a Collection page so it’s easier to find all works for the Holidays Fest!
Please note: If you post exclusively to FFN, please send us your submission directly either via email or in a comment.

Thank you again to everyone for making our very first Bethyl Holidays Fest a roaring success thus far! We are absolutely adoring all your creations for the prompts and we can’t wait to see what y’all come up with for Christmas.

Happy Holidays to all!

The Heart of Christmas by gneebee

the heart of christmas

He stepped up to the bar, ordered a tall cold one and sat his ass on the stool. He was on his second swallow when he felt it, a hand on his back. Not threatening, not intimidating, it was a light touch, a woman’s touch. He turned his head and there she was.




Christmas, Maybe by gneebee and scifigirl22

Christmas, Maybe

After an encounter with a ghostly stranger, Daryl gets a glimpse into “what could be”. Will he stay on his path of darkness, or make a U-turn toward Beth and the light? 



2nd Place Best Collab for 2018 Moonshine Awards


banner courtesy of gneebee

If I Told You Series by leftmywingshome


They met at the bar, but she’s nothing like the women he’s met in bars in the past. Then again he’s no longer the man he was back then either. He knows that if this is gonna go anywhere he’s gonna have to come clean. She doesn’t even want to be here until she is. And she doesn’t know she wants someone like him until she does. And then she isn’t sure how she ever lived without him.




Take My Hand

2nd Place Best Series for 2017 Moonshine Awards

3rd Place Best Classic for 2018 Moonshine Awards


banner courtesy of leftmywingshome