Bethyl Smut Week 2018

BSW 2k18 Prompt List

Bethyl Smut Week 2018 officially begins tomorrow! 


I Don’t Mind by RisingPhoenix761


He’d never done anything like this before, never had an ongoing thing with someone. Whatever this “thing” was, cause damned if he knew. He’d never wanted to hold someone’s hand before, and he’d damn sure never wanted to kiss someone…not before Beth.



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Hello my followers!

I just wanted to give a notice to you guys, that I’m stepping away from things for a while. I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal stuff lately and I need to step back and get myself better.

Jenn (leftmywingshome) is still here and running things in my absence and she knows how to get a hold of me so if there is something desperately you need, please contact her!

Bethyl Smut Week is coming up so please participate or send love to those who do.

Bethyl is still my love and I’m not forgetting them anytime soon. I’ll be back before you know it…

Stacey (UltimateBethylFicList)