My Shiny, Shiny Love by Schwoozie


Beth thinks she’s seen everything there is to see in this sleepy Georgia diner; everything, that is, until a man comes in with a sleeve tattoo and a baby in his arms. Who could fault Beth for melting like an abandoned slice à la mode?



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“I Can Explain” Contest

I Can Explain Contest

Write A Bethyl FanFiction Story where someone (anyone) uses the phrase

“I Can Explain”

April 20th – May 30th, 2018

You have until May 20th, 2018, to submit your completed story.

Stories will be posted on this site as of May 21 – May 28, 2018

Winner will be announced on May 30th, 2018


Fix by thedevilyou know106


Daryl had messed up, that was a huge understatement, but the idea still held. Now he was sitting in the local hospital in a long room with machines lining the walls and little chambers that housed, in a few of them, tiny bodies like the one he was staring at. According to Sheriff Grimes this little tissue thin body was his – the premature baby girl in there was Daryl’s daughter.




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