Pleasure To Meet You, Mr. Dixon by akiraflame-tumblr


Beth is a song writer hoping to write her own songs and sing them. She hopes to move on with her life but struggles to let go of the past. Daryl is a drifter, following Merle wherever he goes. Their paths cross and a friendship is formed. Beth realizes that she wants more but danger threatens their lives and the lives of her family. Will their relationship survive?



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The Wood Sculptor by gneebee

The Wood Sculptor.jpg

Daryl is a renowned Wood Sculptor, Beth Greene is just starting her art career and rents the shop next to his. …”the last thing he wanted to have happen was to ever be attracted to a woman. But when she looked at him with those big blues eyes it was like they were reeling him in.


2nd Place Best Multi-Chapter for 2016 Moonshine Awards


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All I Ever Needed To Know Series by feliz

All I Needed To Know Series.jpg

“I’m Beth Greene. I’m sorry if she was botherin’ you; she can be like a little escape artist sometimes.” She sticks her right hand out, while her left immediately goes to the kid’s head.

“Daryl Dixon.” He shakes her hand quickly and drops it as his eyes glance down. The kid’s just staring up at him with a big grin on her face.

“This is my Momma. Ain’t she pretty?”

Beth laughs. “Sorry, she’s four so we’re just learning social graces. I bought the house next door and we’re moving in.”


3rd Place Best One-Shot for 2015 Moonshine Awards


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Sweet Surprises by UltimateBethylFicList

Sweet Surprises.jpg

All Beth wanted to do was bake and make her mother proud. In the small town of Woodbury she’ll get to do that. But this town has much bigger plans for her and a certain redneck butcher.


3rd Place Best Happily Ever After Fic for 2015 Moonshine Awards


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Catch Me Series by Lemonstar

Catch Me

Beth is a young single mother who is trying to get her baking business off the ground. She works from home and is observant of those around her. She knows of the two men who live in the apartment across from her. One comes home late at night, drunk and stumbling into walls, and the other is quiet, hardly speaking at all.




Say You’ll Never Let Me Go

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Deep Blue Funk by gneebee


He’s a War Vet having a tough battle with PTSD, she’s a girl struggling with her own depression. Can they help each other? This is a journey two people take out of the depths of depression, and back to having a reason to live, laugh and love


3rd Place Best AU for 2016 Moonshine Awards


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