Living The Escape Plan by skittlesmomma27

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Who knew when the escape plan was created, it would actually be needed? Beth is sick of the people around her underestimating her so a surprise gift from Daryl changes everything.



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Someday by EmmyGreene


Set about five years from when Beth was taken from Daryl at the funeral home. Team family living in Alexandria without certain events ( eg no Negan).
Beth is found after suffering numerous traumas, can they help her to heal?


1st Place Best ASZ Fic for 2017 Moonshine Awards


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What We Became Along The Way by onborrowedwings


They’ve been out on the road too long, he knows that. Too much time out in the wild, and he’s begun to forget what safety feels like, begun to forget how to be around people – how to be around anyone but her.


1st Place Best Prison Fic for 2017 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place Best ZA for 2017 Moonshine Awards

2nd Place Best On The Road Fic for 2017 Moonshine Awards



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