#BHF22: New Year’s Eve/Day

Last and the First by sasusc​

Based on this prompt I found on Tumblr: “I get to spend another year with you.” A short, fluffy New Year’s Eve ficlet.

New Year’s Eve by andromeda543

Beth is sick, she has the flu. She would rather be outside with the others and celebrate the new year but she is stuck in her cell.

#BHF2k20: New Year’s Eve

Giving Thanks by gneebee

We follow Daryl and Beth’s new romance through the holiday season – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!

“Dance Me ‘Til the End of Time” by boltthrutheheart

That’s a wrap on BHF2k20. Thank you all so much for participating! Here’s to a wonderful 2021!

#BHF2019: New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year!

NYE collage

The end of the year also brings with it the end of our first ever Bethyl Holidays Fest. We want to thank everyone for their participation and for creating so much new Bethyl content for us all to enjoy.


Happy New Year’s Baby – Champagne by Courtneyshortney82

Maggie is throwing a NYE party, but Beth and Daryl keep getting distracted.

if you’ll stay for the night / ’til the sun comes up by kattyshack and gutsforgarters

Who needs party poppers when you can ring in the New Year with a bottle of champagne, crippling anxiety, and the urgent need to confess possibly unrequited feelings before they drive you up the fucking wall?
for the UBFL holiday event: new year’s eve: ‘champagne’ + ‘midnight kiss’ + ‘resolutions’


Midnight kiss
Midnight Kiss

Happy New Year’s Baby – Midnight Kiss by Courtneyshortney82

Beth and Daryl are definitely not making it to Maggie’s party…

When The Clock Strikes 12 by SquishyCool

It’s New Year’s Eve and everyone is in attendance for the Greene’s annual party. But all Beth can think about is how she’s always wanted to share a midnight kiss with someone.
And how, this year, she’d really like that someone to be Daryl Dixon.



Happy New Year’s Baby – Resolutions by Courtneyshortney82

New Year’s Day resolutions. They never did make it to that party.


That’s a wrap on our first annual Bethyl Holidays Fest. See y’all next holiday season!