The Five Times Beth Greene Reached For Daryl Dixon by tacosanddaryldixon

The Five Times Beth Greene

The five-times Beth reached for Daryl, and the one time she didn’t



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You Make a Fool of Death With Your Beauty by dynamicsymmetry

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Daryl hasn’t truly seen Beth, not even since she came back from the dead. Until one night he does, in the clearest way imaginable.



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How Many Hail Mary’s by alchemystique


She doesn’t remember all of it. Looking back on it now she remembers the weight of Beth in her arms, the shock of how strong Beth’s arms around her were, the way her hair tasted in Maggie’s mouth when she took in a ragged breath and half swallowed Beth’s ponytail. She remembers the vague echo of Rick’s soft exclamation somewhere behind her, and the way, once she’d finally let go of her sister, that Daryl an Beth had crowded around Carol – Daryl’s forehead tucked into Carol’s shoulder, Beth’s arm curled around Carols other side as Judith reached for lock of Beth’s hair and tugged, the brilliant tinkle of laughter and the way Beth’s hand and Daryl’s both curled around Judy’s little head, palms stacked one over the other as their fingers slipped through the wisps of hair. – Maggie meets Beth and Daryl on the road to Alexandria




Last Chance by wallflow3r


“Daryl doesn’t know what possesses him to look up. There are no birds flying overhead anymore. No planes. Nothing worth seeing. Yet, as though pulled by a force beyond his understanding, he tilts his face skywards and that’s when he sees it: a thin slither of grey smoke escaping through the roof of the trees.”

Daryl finds Beth and brings her back to the Alexandria Safe Zone. They finally get to finish their conversation from the funeral home.


3rd Place Best Reunion for 2018 Moonshine Awards


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