Blind Memories by SquishyCool

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Beth shows up at the gates of Alexandria with Morgan, a doctor, one blind eye, and no solid memories of anything that happened after the Greene Farm fell. Can Daryl help her remember who she’d become before she nearly died?




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In Your Arms by Piper Elizabeth

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After the prison falls, Beth and Daryl are on their own. When they find the funeral home, they think they have found a safe haven. But then Beth is taken and Daryl will do anything to find her. But will he be able to help her after the trauma she’s been through? Will they ever be able to find their way into each other’s arms?



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Killer & Mother by Alfsigesey

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Nothing will ever be easy again. Escaping from Terminus. Defeating an unholy horde of walkers. Finding food, for sobbing out loud. But none of that will be as difficult as falling in love and actually trying to build a life together in the midst of all of it.



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