Howl by dynamicsymmetry

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A year after the mysterious slaughter of her entire family, Beth Greene is no closer to finding those responsible, and no one will believe her when she insists they weren’t human. But when she’s saved by – and proceeds to save – a monster of a very different kind, she finds herself drawing close to her goal in ways she never expected.
And he might be the most unexpected thing of all.
468,000+ words // 100 chapters & in progress

AO3          ffn-net3

Rated MA

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Time Will Tell by Rckyfrk

Time Will Tell

Growing up, Daryl was never sure how he fit in the world. When the world fell apart, he still wasn’t certain. Now that Beth’s life may be in danger, can he find his place and save her?

Bethyl with an A/B/O twist.



1st Place Best On The Road Fic for 2018 Moonshine Awards


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Isn’t She Lovely by exoticdeviance

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“Listen here, Boo Berry. I’m sick of your shit.” Daryl hisses out in a furious whisper, spinning to stare him right in the face. The ghost is so shocked at being addressed so directly he nearly steps right back through the door. “I’m with my girl. Which means I’m off the fuckin’ clock. So do me a favor and fuck off to whatever spiritual plane you annoying shits go to when you ain’t botherin’ me.”


1st Place Best Humor for 2016 Moonshine Awards


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A Song of Shadows by HappyDirtyCookiie



Beth Greene has experienced life without brilliance for near centuries now, but the arrival of one particular man at one of her nightly concerts changes everything. There’s a fine line between desire and destiny, and it takes feasting on one’s lifemate’s blood to understand that blinding lust. (Carpathian AU)



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