Moonshine Awards 2022: VOTE NOW!

  • Nominations: January 2 – January 16
  • Voting: January 19 – February 2
  • Winners Announced: February 10

Voting for the 2022 Moonshine Awards is NOW OPEN!

Each person can vote once per category, per week. Voting closes at 11:59pm PST on February 2nd.

Winners will be announced on February 10th.

Best ZA (Complete)

Best ZA (WIP)

Best AU (Complete)

Best AU (WIP)

Best MultiChapter (Complete)

Best MultiChapter (WIP)

Best Smut (Complete)

Best Smut (WIP)

Best Reunion/Fix-It (Complete)

Best Reunion/Fix-It (WIP)

Best One-Shot

Best Series

Best Prison

Best Alexandria Safe Zone

Best Happily Ever After

Best Humor

Best Classic

Best Maggie Greene (2022 Exclusive)

Author of The Year

Breakthrough New Author of The Year

Best Fandom Supporter of The Year

Best Cover Art (ZA)

Best Cover Art (AU)

Best FanArt (ZA)

Best FanArt (AU)

Best Classic Art (ZA)

Best Classic Art (AU)

Artist of The Year

Honorable Mentions

These fics were ineligible for the categories they were nominated in. They were either not updated in 2022, had previously won first place in said category, the creator had another piece with more nominations, or the piece simply did not meet the criteria for the category it was nominated in.

  • Most Wanted by SquishyCool (MultiChapterWIP) (Maggie)
  • SquishyCool (Author of The Year)
  • gala-art (Artist of The Year)
  • Don’t Make Me Haunt You by SquishyCool (Humor) (AU WIP)
  • Let the Good Times Roll by gutsforgarters (ZA WIP)
  • Doo Wah Diddy Diddy by gutsforgarters (AU WIP) (Smut WIP)
  • Bump by LemonStar (Series)
  • Sleep Deprivation by wallflow3r (Prison)
  • Everything Where It Belongs by dynamicsymmetry (ASZ)
  • Fifty Four Days by LemonStar (Classic)
  • I’ll Be Yours For a Song by dynamicsymmetry (Classic)
  • The Wood Sculptor by gneebee (Classic)
  • Bonded to You by twdeadfanfic (ZA Complete)
  • His Walls by J_leedixon (ZA Complete)
  • Nobody Cares by SherryBaby14 (ZA Complete)
  • Bittersweet Coffee by twdeadfanfic (ZA WIP)
  • Breathe by KrissyG927 (AU Complete)
  • Lunacy Fringe by SquishyCool (AU WIP) (MC WIP)
  • Prissy Bitch by Akage (AU WIP)
  • The Lie by gneebee (MC Complete) (Reunion/Fix It Complete)
  • Merry Fuckin Christmas by Jesbakescookies (Smut Complete)
  • Stitches by LeighJ (Smut Complete)
  • Gracie by Courtneyshortney82 (Reunion/Fix It WIP)
  • Late Night Lovers by gneebee (One Shot)
  • Haunted by Piper1016 (One Shot)
  • Microphone rapper by naturegoddess210 (Humor)
  • J_leeDixon (Author of The Year)
  • twdeadfanfic (Author of The Year)
  • KrissyG927 (Author of The Year)
  • zanash (Author of The Year)
  • The Stranger Upstairs by gneebee (Classic)
  • In My Blood by Courtneyshortney82 (Maggie)
  • Nature, Nurture, Heaven and Home by devils_might_heed_us (ZA Complete) (MC Complete)
  • The Highway Home by galadrieljones (MC WIP)
  • New Year’s by ultimatebethylficlist (Cover Art ZA)
  • Vodka Cranberry by Courtneyshortney82 (Cover Art ZA)
  • Dandelions by Courtneyshortney82 (Cover Art ZA)
  • In My Blood by Courtneyshortney82 (Cover Art AU)
  • Call Me Friend But Keep Me Closer by gala-art (Classic Art AU)

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