Fog on the Windows by thedevilyouknow106


He’d tracked her all the way to this creepy hospital with the cops that had a woman with dead eyes as a leader. There was no way Daryl was going to let Beth stand toe to toe with her without him being within arm’s reach.
Slow burn rated M for language and eventual adult situations.
280,000+ words // 40 chapters & in progress

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Rated MA

In The Dark by ange1banange1


“He had missed this most of all; feeling safe with her. He’s rarely ever felt truly safe anywhere his entire life. He was on the brink of actual sleep when he heard her. “I’m not gonna leave you.” And it all came rushing back that she was dead.” Daryl is Negan’s prisoner, but he’s not alone in that room.



Be Still My Beating Heart by LeighJ

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Beth and Daryl were separated when she was kidnapped and despite running all night for her, they stayed separated a very long time with Daryl finding Joe’s group and never running into Rick, Michonne, and Carl. Now on a lonely night and a lonely road, they find each other again but somethings going on with Beth and Daryl needs to know what that is. He’ll do anything to find out.




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