#BHF22: New Year’s Eve/Day

Last and the First by sasusc​

Based on this prompt I found on Tumblr: “I get to spend another year with you.” A short, fluffy New Year’s Eve ficlet.

New Year’s Eve by andromeda543

Beth is sick, she has the flu. She would rather be outside with the others and celebrate the new year but she is stuck in her cell.

Moonshine Awards 2022 Winners

The 2022 Moonshine Awards are officially over!

CLICK HERE to view all the winners.

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted, and especially to all the wonderful creators in our fandom who keep this beautiful ship alive. We’ll see you next year for the 2023 awards!

#BHF22: Christmas

Chicken Feathers by galadrieljones

Three weeks after burning down the moonshine shack, Beth and Daryl find shelter in an abandoned RV. It’s Christmas. The whole world is full of hope and love now, thinks Daryl. Chicken feathers, rose hips, Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. Candle light shining on the furniture in winter. She makes him feel brave.

A Bethyl Christmas Poem by sasusc

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Prison,
Not a creature was stirring, not even the Dead;
The backpacks were full of emergency supplies,
In case of a herd overrunning their home;
The Family was huddled all together for warmth;
Except for a couple out in the watchtower,
Keeping a watch for Walkers and human dangers;
The Hunter couldn’t keep his glaze off the woman,
And the Babysitter kept scooting closer;
Daryl slowly slid a hand over hers and Beth,
She took the opportunity to kiss him.
The moonlight shown down on the dazed couple,
Daryl pulled back, his face showed befuddlement;
And all Beth could say was “Merry Christmas, Daryl!”

From Angels Bending Near the Earth by CherryParfait

When a search for the perfect Christmas tree goes awry, Daryl and Beth must rely on their holiday spirits (or maybe one spirit, in particular) to find their way home.

Ghost of Christmas by boltthrutheheart

#BHF22: Halloween

Snickers by Rckyfrk

One of my contributions for Ultimate Bethyl Fic List’s “Bethyl Holidays Fest 2022.” Prompt – Pumpkin carving.

Halloween Kitten by Gneebee​

The last thing Beth wants to do is go to a Halloween Party, especially not in this way too sexy costume Rosita loaned her. She’s sure things can’t get worse, then she runs into Daryl Dixon at the Quickie Mart.

Bit-O-Honey by Rckyfrk​

Another of my contributions for Ultimate Bethyl Fic List’s “Bethyl Holidays Fest 2022.” Prompt – Beth meets Daryl at a Halloween costume party that he begrudgingly agreed to come to with a little to no effort on the costume
So I may have veered off course a little, but I hope you still like it.

Stitches by LeighJ

A little piece I worked on during Halloween. It took a minute to finish, and we slid on by, but I hope you still enjoy the slightly spooky, depraved aspects.

Forever More by paperdollgirl

A Devilish Good Time by boltthrutheheart

Bethyl Holidays Fest 2022 [#BHF22]

For 2022, we’ve decided to open up the creative freedom and leave it entirely up to the creators. No prompts, just a celebration of Bethyl throughout each holiday.

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s (Eve and Day)
  • Valentine’s Day

This means any and all fics, fanart, and manips that involve any of these holidays will be included in our spotlight posts. Just like last year, tag your creations either on Tumblr or on AO3 with #BethylHolidaysFest22 or #BHF22.

First up will be Halloween! Submissions will be spotlighted with a round-up post on either the day of the holiday or the day after. There will also be a post for any late submissions that come in afterward.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Summer Heat Writing Contest: Winner and Author Reveals

Thank you to everyone who submitted fics and voted! We are happy to announce that the winner is…

Honey and the Moon by Aireabella

If you didn’t get a chance to read or vote for the other fics, click the links to find them with their author reveals!

Praying For Rain by Piper1016

Oh, come and breathe upon the fainting earth by Pipergirl17

Summer Heat by Walkingmin

Wild Horses by Sasusc

Burning Right Here in my Heart by Rckyfrk

Wary Eyes of Birds by Kat_Parrish

Late Night Lovers by gneebee

#BHF2021: Christmas


Santa Baby by @paperdollgirl

Ho Ho Ho by @lemortehomme / devils_might_heed_us

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Baby, It’s Cold Inside by Pipergirl17

Daryl and Beth find themselves stuck in the prison’s watchtower on Christmas Eve with a snowstorm raging outside and a generator that’s run out of fuel. They’ve got nothing but a deck of cards, a box of condoms, some candles, a few blankets and a couple of sleeping bags at their disposal. Also known as “How Daryl and Beth Finally Confront Their Feelings For One Another After She Beats the Pants Off Him at Go Fish”.

’twas the Night before Christmas by @paperdollgirl

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

’tis the season by sheriffandsteel

Christmas is the least magical time of year as far as Daryl is concerned. All the overpriced, tacky, commercialism is bad enough, add in the fact that the worst heartbreak of his life happened days before Christmas and Daryl would be more than happy to skip December altogether.
Or at least he would except he only sees Beth in December.

I’ll be home for Christmas by @paperdollgirl

Home for Christmas by @gala-art / galadrieljones

#BHF2021: Halloween


Shadow by @paperdollgirl

Starcrossed Fate, I Defy Thee by @boltthrutheheart

2021 Bethyl Holidays Fest Halloween – Haunted House/Masquerade/Monsters by Piper1016

Three one-shots but they’re all tied together.
Haunted House comes first, Masquerade is second and Monsters is third.

Love and Vampires by Gneebee

Daryl and Beth have had some trouble on the home front. Will dressing up as vampires and going to the big Halloween Party help get that fire burning again?

You Sure Are Lookin’ Good by Rckyfrk

Beth gets stood up at the town Halloween party, but a certain knight in wolf’s clothing comes to her rescue.


Eye of the Beholder by @boltthrutheheart

Vampire Girlfriend by @lemortehomme / devils_might_heed_us

There Are Monsters by @paperdollgirl

Haunted House

Haunted House by @lemortehomme / devils_might_heed_us

Haunted by You by @paperdollgirl

End of Watch by @boltthrutheheart​ 

Matchmaker Merle

Merle Dixon considers himself a jack of all trades. He also considers himself somewhat of a ladies’ man. His brother, on the other hand… Well, let’s just say Daryl needs a little help when it comes to finding “The One.” And who better than his big brother?

What could possibly go wrong?

Like a Drunken Fairy Godmother by VeeCWS

In a small town Wyoming bar Daryl meets a fellow Georgia native. Of course he needs a little help from Merle.

Marilyn by wandering_gypsy_feet

Merle Dixon cannot understand why the hell Beth and Daryl aren’t taking advantage of their newfound safety in the Alexandria Safe Zone to hash some things out.
So he’s taking matters into his own hands.
First up, the faking dating trope.

Who Let Dog Out? by courtneyshortney82

Merle and Dog Dixon team up to help Daryl get a girl… one certain girl… the girl across the street…

A Little Jailbreak with the Little Jailbait by wandering_gypsy_feet

When Daryl Dixon got both Beth Greene and Merle Dixon back, it turned out not to quite be the blessing he’d imagined it.
At least, not at first.
A oneshot AU where Merle ends up at Grady with Beth.

Went out for waffles and got me a sister-in-law by naturegoddess210

Merle goes to a waffle House for some waffles and coffee and he sees a pretty little blonde in a blue waitress dress.
He decides that his baby brother needs his intervention and sets them up.

Moonshine and Mayhem Matchmaking: Merle Dixon CEO by boltthrutheheart

Moonshine and Mayhem Matchmaking: Got ‘Em Hitched by boltthrutheheart

Moonshine and Mayhem Matchmaking: A Family Affair by boltthrutheheart

Thank you to everyone for your beautiful contributions!