Bethyl Smut Week 2019


July 21st – 28th

The theme is Farm centered but feel free to use whatever inspiration you want. You don’t have to stick to these prompts at all!

Tag your work with #bethylsmutweek2019 or #bsw19

Daily Prompts

July 21st – Barn

July 22nd –  Mud

July 23rd –  Hay

July 24th –  Fireflies

July 25th – Under The Stars

July 26th – Pickup Truck

July 27th – Sunrise

July 28th – Tied


A Place Called Heavenly by gneebee

A Place Called Heavenly

He saw her the very minute she arrived in Heavenly. He watched, trying his best to go unnoticed, while taking in every detail about the way the woman looked as the driver helped her down from the coach. She was small, slight of build, young. Her skin was fair and her hair was golden and she was a real special kind of pretty. 




banner courtesy of gneebee