UBFL Spring Event: Regrowth

Spring Event

As Spring approaches, the days begin to grow longer. The cold ebbs away. Nature blooms back to life.


What does that mean to you? Rebuilding? New life? Fresh flowers and bright sunshine? Easter? Spring cleaning? Daylight Savings Time? Tax season?

To celebrate the arrival of a new season, we want to see what all the amazing creators in our fandom can come up with that fits the theme of “regrowth.” We won’t be having a contest, but we do encourage everyone to participate in whatever way they’d like, whether it be with fic, art, manips, or moodboards.

The more Bethyl, the better!

You have until April, 20, 2020 to submit your fanfiction or fan art. Of course we will always accept submissions after the date, but we will be releasing a spotlight post for all creations that we’ve received by that date.

Please use the tag #UBFLSPRING20 and make sure you tag any submissions on tumblr with @ultimatebethylficlist. You can also submit directly to our email, bethylficlist@gmail.com.

We can’t wait to see what y’all come up with 🙂