Sugar & Spice Seires by dynamicsymmetry

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After both being so tired of losing people, Beth and Daryl discover each other – and that the world can be sweeter than they ever imagined.


I Will Be Your Honey Bee

If You’d Just Lay Down Your Tracks


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From The Ashes by Melissa_Alexander

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The danger had passed and Daryl was reunited with Beth, but what did she really mean to him? With the full group back together his emotions were as clouded as ever. A passionate sense of desire was darkened by his hesitation and self-doubt. – Takes place after the season 4 finale. 




From The Embers


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Young and Beautiful by BumbleLellie

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Looking over her shoulder she could see his legs, tangled in the sheets from earlier activities and finally resting after months stuck in a perpetual doomsday. They were safe now. She couldn’t miss that sleeping. But her small lips weren’t smiling. She was just restless, an earth-real being trapped in this world. And there was nothing that he could do to save her.



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