Fright Night by AlisaRB

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Halloween night in Newborn, Georgia. Daryl and Beth asking for candies with her little daughter.




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You’re Cursing Like A Sailor, Greene by akiraflame-tumblr

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Tumblr prompt that is about a year old (because I get behind and busy…I’m awful and I’m sorry!): Beth has a newfound potty mouth that surprises Daryl and eventually the group. Rated M for Beth’s potty mouth and slightly steamy moments at the end. Bethyl.



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Isn’t She Lovely by exoticdeviance

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“Listen here, Boo Berry. I’m sick of your shit.” Daryl hisses out in a furious whisper, spinning to stare him right in the face. The ghost is so shocked at being addressed so directly he nearly steps right back through the door. “I’m with my girl. Which means I’m off the fuckin’ clock. So do me a favor and fuck off to whatever spiritual plane you annoying shits go to when you ain’t botherin’ me.”


1st Place Best Humor for 2016 Moonshine Awards


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