Dixon Family Rules by leftmywingshome

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Daryl reads the ‘Dixon Family Rules’ sign to his two children to get them to eat their dinner. And as he reads he remembers how it was Beth who taught him the meaning of each one.




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House Hunters: Georgia by UltimateBethylFicList and leftmywingshome

House Hunters- Georgia

Daryl’s dream was to build a cabin in the woods where he can do all the things he loves and be by himself and Michonne was gonna help him get there. But House Hunters Georgia was not part of that plan and Daryl Dixon does not want to be on TV! And then a beautiful blonde real estate agent comes along and changes his mind.¬†



1st Place Best Collaboration for 2017 Moonshine Awards

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You’re Cursing Like A Sailor, Greene by akiraflame-tumblr

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Tumblr prompt that is about a year old (because I get behind and busy…I’m awful and I’m sorry!): Beth has a newfound potty mouth that surprises Daryl and eventually the group. Rated M for Beth’s potty mouth and slightly steamy moments at the end. Bethyl.



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