At Least You Ain’t Blind by DBwrites

At Least You Aint Blind

The morning after she and Daryl burn down the moonshine shack, Beth has to face the consequences of her first drinking experience.




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In The Hearts of Men, In The Arms of Mothers by MusicActorsBooksCharacters_xo

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She’s alone and loosing hope. All her days are spent watching the trees for any change, until one day..there is.



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Fifty Four Days Series by Lemonstar

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It’s been just them for fifty four days. Fifty four days of getting closer. Fifty four days of walking, still trying to find any of their family, still trying to not just survive. But to live. Fifty four days before Beth starts coughing and Daryl knows that he’ll do anything to get them another fifty four days together.



Day 445

A New Day

Lovely Day

Blue Ridge

1st Place Best Series for 2016 Moonshine Awards

3rd Place Best Multi-Chapter for 2016 Moonshine Awards

1st Place Best ZA for 2016 Moonshine Awards


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Cornerstone Series by Lemonstar


Beth’s the new girl that Dale has hired to answer the phones and handle the invoices and balance the books at the garage and while the other mechanics all try to give her their most charming smiles and best pickup lines, Daryl stays away from her as if she has some disease he’s afraid of catching.


2nd Place Best Series for 2015 Moonshine Awards



I’m With You

You’re Mess Is Mine

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