Writing Contest Winner

I Can Explain Contest


Congratulations to the winner(s) of the “I Can Explain” writing contest.

LeighJ and Wallflow3r for their story Body Heat


Thank you to rckyfrk and bethyl.we.will.be.good for their submissions as well.


Circles by early-recoil


There was no need for chasing, she’d run low on hope. So many circles surrounded her in this place. Beth sniffled as she pilfered through the remaining signs of life here. The attack on the prison had done more than disrupt their lives, it had left wounds so big they’d never heal.



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Daddy Daryl by Writer347



Beth finds herself unexpectedly pregnant in the apocalypse but does not want everyone to know who the father of her baby is. After finding out about the pregnancy, Daryl offers to take on the role as father and help Beth raise the baby. The two grow close and feelings start to reveal themselves.



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Like Yesterday by arrowsandangels

Like Yesterday

In a dim hospital room, Daryl is seriously ill. Beth and their four grown children are gathered around his bed. Encouraged by a nurse to talk to him, Beth begins telling their children stories of when she and Daryl first met, back in the fifties. And Daryl remembers Like it happened Yesterday.


1st Place Best Multi-Chapter for 2018 Moonshine Awards


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