Howl by dynamicsymmetry

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A year after the mysterious slaughter of her entire family, Beth Greene is no closer to finding those responsible, and no one will believe her when she insists they weren’t human. But when she’s saved by – and proceeds to save – a monster of a very different kind, she finds herself drawing close to her goal in ways she never expected.
And he might be the most unexpected thing of all.
468,000+ words // 100 chapters & in progress

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Rated MA

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She Loves My Dog by leftmywingshome

She loves my dog leftmywingshome

When her dreams of being a rockstar fall flat, Beth comes back to her sleepy hometown. Daryl’s dog Pup failed to make the grade at guide dog school and instead of leaving him to an uncertain future Daryl becomes a reluctant dog owner. They meet in the most unexpected way and maybe Beth’s on to something when she says it’s a sign. Although Daryl has a completely different take on what that sign means to him.
42,410 words

AO3          ffn-net3

Rated M

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maybe everything that dies someday comes back by leftmywingshome


Nobody asked him if he wanted to lead. They just left. But she came back.



1st Place Best ZA for 2018 Moonshine Awards

1st Place for Best ASZ for 2018 Moonshine Awards

1st Place for Best Reunion for 2018 Moonshine Awards


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Touches From Another World by

Touches From Another World

Every one should become one last good bye with their loved ones. They just couldn’t leave without saying good bye. It wasn’t fair, especially when one still had to tell the other so much. This story tells from the last good bye between Daryl and his beloved Beth.




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