Like Yesterday by arrowsandangels

Like Yesterday

In a dim hospital room, Daryl is seriously ill. Beth and their four grown children are gathered around his bed. Encouraged by a nurse to talk to him, Beth begins telling their children stories of when her and Daryl first met, back in the fifties. And Daryl remembers Like it happened Yesterday.



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Into The Mountains Series by sandlappershell

Into The Mountains.jpg

Not everyone found their way back to the highway after the farm fell. What happens when one group stumbles across ones they thought had been dead for years?




A Valentine’s Tail


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Secrets by Piper1016


Not exactly sure where this one is going to head but. . .
Daryl and Beth can’t be together. That’s just not how things work in small-town Georgia. A young lady from a well-known family didn’t just hook up with someone like Daryl. Didn’t ‘hook-up’ at all. But everyone has their secrets.



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Once Upon A Time by Mccorv3

Once Upon A Time.jpg

Daryl Dixon’s world is set up on end with the knowledge of daughter he never knew he had. But then again, was that world so great to begin with? Daryl has choices to make about the kind of man and father he wants to be. It may take him some time to understand he might want something else out of his life too… perhaps a petite blonde with a killer smile.



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