Just This Once by gneebee

just this once gneebee

It just happens to be a convenient coincidence that a mere two blocks from the joint there’s off-street parking where he can leave his rig.
He’s not kidding himself completely though, he knows if it was a five-mile hike he’d still stop just for the chance to sit, have a beer and look at her. He’d do damn near anything to see her.
4,629 words

AO3          ffn-net3

Rated M

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Help me hold on to you by wallflow3r


After the moonshine shack, a situation arises that Daryl hasn’t had to deal with since before the dead started walking.
He just needs five minutes alone to take care of it.
But Beth, well, she’s always got to try and lend a hand doesn’t she?
2,403 words


Rated MA