The Stripper and the Dixon by NicoleTheresa1

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Daryl Dixon just moved to Atlanta after travelling around Georgia for a while. He meets this girl with Big Blue Eyes and Blond hair dancing at a strip club. The next day they meet again and it’s a damn romance novel from there. Daryl is also working with his best friend to figure out what happened to his missing little sister. Will the two aspects of his life collide?



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Ballerina Beth by akiraflame-tumblr


What if Beth was a ballerina and Daryl was the janitor. One night he was cleaning all sudden he hears music he went to see who was still in here he about to yell at the person because he just wants to finish his job and lock up so he can go home. But he did not expect to see a very beautiful girl dancing around the stage?




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Make That Girl Smile by Schwoozie


It’s Beth’s first birthday since her suicide attempt, and Maggie thinks she deserves something special. Spending her 18th birthday at the Dixon Lounge isn’t exactly what Beth thought she had in mind; neither, of course, is being singled out for a private dance from the owner’s little brother.



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