Once Upon A Time by Mccorv3

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Daryl Dixon’s world is set up on end with the knowledge of daughter he never knew he had. But then again, was that world so great to begin with? Daryl has choices to make about the kind of man and father he wants to be. It may take him some time to understand he might want something else out of his life too… perhaps a petite blonde with a killer smile.



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Little Sweet Cigars by texasbelle91

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“Your skin, it smelled of sweat and smoke and little sweet cigars The ceiling, stained with years of troubled hearts and covered scars Your hand, it held my own right through the corridor of cars And led me to the world of wishing wells and shooting stars.” 



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Peach Schnapps, Tattoos, and Bartenders by CaptainPassion


Beth Greene just needed to feel. She wanted to remember what it was like. After months of not doing anything but ache, she finds herself in a no-name bar in the middle of no-name Georgia and to her surprise peach schnapps, tattoos, and bartenders are just what the doctor ordered.

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