Summer of Bethyl 2018

Summer of Bethyl 2018.jpg

Welcome, Bethylers!

It’s time to celebrate our favorite Walking Dead couple.

During the week of July 22 – July 28, take part in Summer of Bethyl with your own interpretation of the daily inspiration or do your own thing.

Fanfiction, FanArt, Drabbles, Photosets, Gifsets, Conversations, Tumblr Posts, etc….

All Tumblr posts should be tagged with #summerofbethyl2018

July 22 – Talk

July 23 – Calm

July 24 – Fear

July 25 – Heat

July 26 –  Sounds

July 27 – Rush

July 28 – Sunset

You don’t have to choose these themes, you can do your own thing.