Footage Not Found Series by dynamicsymmetry


Things we weren’t privy to. Things we didn’t see. Things that may have happened, may be happening, may have happened elsewhere and elsewhen, might happen still.



Tune My Heart To Sing Thy Grace

I Leaned On The Wall And The Wall Leaned Away

The Girl Who Sings Like Breathing

The World So New-And-All

And I Knew Nothing

A Masterpiece Made In The Rain

Something Better Than Before

Under Blankets And Maps To Keep Us Warm

And If These Wings Don’t Fail Me

It Only Shines As Bright As We Are


Let’s Love Like We’re Kids

Light And Guide Me Through

A Voice Buried In The Hollow

From A Scar You’re Never Going To Show

Every Plan Is A Tiny Prayer

We’ll Scream Our Names To The Heavens And Plains

Will You Be My Anchor

And I Hope By Thy Good Pleasure

Here Today, Forgot Tomorrow

May Your Heart Lead You On

My Own Secret Ceremonials

Sleep Like A Baby While I’m Staying Up

The Oxygen In Priestly Green

* Note: Ratings vary with each individual work.
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