Welcome to the new and improved Ultimate Bethyl Fic List. You will notice some big changes already, with the menus that are now listed on the right side. This will enable you to find stories specifically you are looking for.

I still have a story directory under the ZA and AU headings. They are divided by word count now and no longer have a single rating system and review like before.

I have now put the rating system in the hands of the reader. Once you finish a story, you can come back and rate it yourself. As always, I will recommend that you leave a review to the author or their story page so that they can see exactly how much you enjoyed their work.

Each post will be a story and will be tagged with appropriate categories. If you feel like a tag has been missed, please contact me and I will be happy to add it in.

I’m hoping to have story banners for every story but I do need help for that. If you would like to help by designing some, please contact me.

Enjoy this new site and be patient. It will take some time for the tagging system to be fully implemented so you may not find as many stories as you would like to begin with. Any help that I can receive with this would be greatly appreciated.


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