Pacify Series by dynamicsymmetry

Pacify Series

Set post-Coda, several months after Beth makes it to the Alexandria Safe Zone. Beth and Daryl are together and things are pretty great, considering zombies and near-death experiences and everything. But – though Beth isn’t sure what it all means and Daryl has even less idea than she does – she finds herself wanting more.


3rd Place Best Series for 2015 Moonshine Awards



Never Tell Me No

The Shadows That Make The Girl You Undo

Break or Seize Me

It’s For Me and You Only

Twilight In The Afternoon

All The Hours You Wait

Our Dark Garden

Make Me (Everything)

Most Faithful Mirror

Come From Way Above

Till You Fill It With Me

A Day Without A Night

Knocking Me Sideways

Sweeter Than Heaven, Hotter Than Hell

You’re Dirty and You’re Sweet (you know you’re everything to me)

No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin

The Hardcore and The Gentle

And All I’ve Got is Your Hand

Your Love Is Bright As Ever (even in the shadows)

Do With Me What You Want But Don’t Tell A Soul

I Drink the Honey Inside Your Hive

You Got The Love I Need To See Me Through

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