Inconsolable by xxMagicxxKyrxx


Beth gets taken from Daryl nearly a year earlier at the funeral home. She’s taken to Grady Memorial Hospital but from there she’s taken once more. The people that take her, they’re viscous and vile and they can no longer be considered human in a world like this. She has been gone for a year, more or less, and has had unspeakable things done to her. She soon realizes she’s on her own and takes it upon herself to escape and when she finally succeeds she sets off on her own. She’s broken and a completely different form of herself.

With her family living at Alexandria what will happen when their lives intertwine with hers again. Does she still love them? Will she stay? Is she too broken to even heal and come back to herself? Or will new romances brew as the new Beth continues to surprise herself and others.



banner courtesy of leftmywingshome