Heavenly Encounter by bethgreenewarriorprincess

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Daryl was the emotionally damaged bad-ass, never much caring if he lived from one day to the next. Beth was the angel who came into his life to save him from everything he needed saving from, most of all himself and his self-destructive habits. Can she be the salvation that he never even knew he needed?



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For The Ones Series by apenny12

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She should have run the moment she heard the sound of a vehicle in the distance. She should have already been hidden when the headlights blinded her as she stood in the middle of the road. She should have done a lot of things before that black car stopped in front of her and a man stepped out of the vehicle, but between her sprained ankle, adrenaline-high from escaping the walkers, and Daryl’s promise that he would meet her on the road, Beth didn’t move.




For The Ones You Change


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