ZA 60k – 150k

Damaged Heroes by mondieu666 Rated MA 38 Chapters 135,135 Words
Beth and Daryl aren’t close—she’s intimidated by him and he thinks she’s just a quiet girl. They begin to bond when Beth enlists Daryl to help Carl combat his demons and give her survival training. Set in an AU ZA Season 4, what was first an obligation quickly grows into an attraction and relationship neither can deny.
Pacify Series by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA 23 Parts + 147,522 Words
Set post-Coda, several months after Beth makes it to the Alexandria Safe Zone. Beth and Daryl are together and things are pretty great, considering zombies and near-death experiences and everything. But – though Beth isn’t sure what it all means and Daryl has even less idea than she does – she finds herself wanting more.
Days Gone Bye by tanglingshadows Rated MA 30 Chapters 88,655 Words
The start of Beth and Daryl’s relationship in the prison with the help of Merle. A fix it fic where Merle didn’t die and Beth never went to Grady with a side of Carol/Merle.
Safe Up Here With You by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA 14 Chapters 70,261 Words
Daryl, on his way back to Grady with Aaron discovers Beth survived and is in recovery. His happiness is short-lived however, when he finds that Beth isn’t completely herself and goes through phases where she believes she is dead or a walker. Daryl believes he can help her remember who she was so he takes her to a remote cabin in the mountains. The task ends up being too heavy, both physically and emotionally, for them.
S is for Sure by Penelope Muir Rated M 19 Chapters 63,886 Words
Beth and Daryl are reunited and with their family, right after Terminus (no Grady storyline, so no “Coda”). Beth knows things are different after the “Oh” moment so she sets out to explore her relationship with Daryl. Over the days and weeks, she finds herself wanting more and is convinced Daryl does too but is unsure how to get him to the same place she is.
Keeping The Distance by SandyBell74 Rated MA 80 Chapters 99,952 Words
TRIGGER WARNING: There is lots of talk about and scenes of rape and a LOT of female degradation in the form of physical and verbal abuse. Cursing, racist, and sexist comments are common throughout the story.

This story seems long but it is broken down into 6 parts. It starts when Beth and Daryl are separated from the group after the fall of the prison. They are both upset about losing the prison and their family and turn to each other for physical comfort. They both are in denial about their feelings until they come across their family again and find out that Beth is pregnant.  Each part of the six features a new protagonist and problem that either Beth or Daryl (but usually together) must face. Thankfully, Beth and Daryl only come out stronger at the end.
She Wolf by HappyDirtyCookiie Rated MA 17 Chapters 73,128 Words
He didn’t think he’d ever see her again. But there she is, alive and fierce within the walls of Alexandria; hair cut short and face lined with battle scars. But she’s with them – the Wolves, and the residents of the safe zone think she’s dangerous. But Daryl doesn’t care. Not when he has her howling like a wolf under his touch.
Killer and Mother by Alfsigesey Rated T 39 Chapters 93,332 Words
An alternate take on the events after Beth was kidnapped in season four.
Claimed by rckyfrk Rated MA 29 Chapters 104,800 Words
A continuation of Beth and Daryl’s journey had Daryl and Joe’s group looked for Beth rather than pursuing Rick for killing one of their own. The duo find their way back to each other and learn how to survive in this new life they have created. 
Bittersweet by Rune-Spirit Rated T 45 Chapters 63,234 Words
Set soon after Season 3 finale. Beth and Daryl become closer as the threat of a Governor attack looms over their heads. Later, when someone in the group learns their relationship, will they be met with open arms?
Change of Heart by hawkeyesmyguy Rated MA O/S 66,052 Words
The journey of Daryl and Beth after Daryl saves her from her captors.  
Converge by tanglingshadows Rated MA 27 Chapters 78,193 Words
Before didn’t matter anymore. All that counted was that they were together. Just two opposite souls standing at the edge of the world, holding hands and maybe hoping for more.
Through Time (A Bethyl Love Story) by NicoleTheresa1 Rated MA 23 Chapters 61,068 Words
Beth met Daryl at age 5 on they spend their time growing up and falling in love until his father dies and Merle takes him away. 10 years later and Daryl is back on that farm again only his one true love is gone. The ZA has destroyed the world and it’s up to Daryl and team family to find their way in this new world. I don’t own TWD or characters
Within These Walls by SeattleGirl359 Rated MA 25 Chapters 77,197 Words
Set in a ZA AU, where the group is never forced to leave the prison. As everyone feels more secure within the walls of the prison, Beth works her way into the walls surrounding Daryl’s heart. A very interesting take on what might have been if the Governor had never attacked. Kind of a slow burn, and well worth the wait. 
Halo by tanglingshadows Rated MA 25 Chapters 87,006 Words
Set during the time at the prison, Beth and Daryl have a secret relationship until he leaves with Merle. When he returns Beth is pregnant and no one knows that he is the father. Beth and Daryl’s relationship grows and changes as they learn to include each other in their lives and deal with their impending parenthood.
 In Your Arms by Piper Elizabeth Rated MA 32 Chapters 64,625 Words
Daryl and Beth are staying in the funeral home while Beth’s ankle recovers. Awkwardness ensues as their feelings for each other make themselves known. But soon after a herd of walkers appear and Beth is taken.
Hope by jetmichelle Rated M 3 Chapters 134,888 Wods
Daryl falls in with Joe and the Claimers, not knowing they are the ones who kidnapped Beth outside the funeral home. They are reunited shortly thereafter, but they do not escape unscathed. Daryl and Beth’s haunting ordeal forces them to confront their feelings for one another, and it pushes them into the commitment neither had the courage admit they wanted.   
Hold On by SessinSunglasses Rated MA O/S 70,578 Words
Daryl and Beth escape the prison and end up at the funeral home. Beth is kidnapped but she escapes. The two keep on their journey, not particularly going anywhere but building a solid relationship and begin to fall in love. They endure many trials on their ways including illness, injuries, and dangerous men. They finally find their family but something devastating happens, leaving them changed forever.
If Only For The Night by jessicagaff0412 Rated MA 55 Chapters 105,552 Words
In a zombie apocalypse, you are living on borrowed time.  Beth and Daryl realise that they can’t wait around forever.
On The Road – Part 1 by UltimateBethylFicList & ayame2004 Rated MA 32 Chapters 87,464 Words
Daryl finds Beth in a way-out truck stop and notices she’s on her own. Knowing that what he sees isn’t the whole story, he offers her a lift in his rig in exchange for some help with his bookkeeping. She agrees and they set out, traveling from state to state. Along the way, the zombie apocalypse hits the country and they begin to make their way south in hopes of finding Beth’s (any maybe Daryl’s) family back in Georgia.
The Spirit’s Song by arrowsandangels Rated T 44 Chapters 86,855 Words
Daryl kept hearing a voice in his head, to return to Grady. Not knowing what really happened to Beth’s body, he went back to get answers. What he got was so much more.
Use Me Series by thewalkingdead69 Rated MA 3 Parts 70,419 Words
Set in the funeral home, the walkers never come and no one is waiting at the end of the driveway. Beth and Daryl are able to finish that conversation.
En Route by tanglingshadows Rated MA 31 Chapters 64,485 Words
A split second decision in Grady Memorial sets off events That change Daryl and Beth’s lives forever. 
Daryl Dixon & Beth Greene VS. The World Series by shestolemybear Rated MA 3 Parts 66,494 Words
Instead of Grady cops taking Beth, members of a vile group of men attempt to take her, though Daryl saves her. Together they find shelter and deal with the trauma they’ve gone through. 
Breakaway by Jenna Black Rated MA 17 Chapters 83,010 Words
After the attack at the prison, Beth and Daryl flee to the woods and begin surviving on their own. While looking for their family, Beth obtains a few injuries (to herself by by others) and she is patched up by Daryl, both physically and emotionally. He trains her on his bow and she helps him come out of his shell.  They start looking for their family and are able to find a few, but not all.
Home by Mccorv3 Rated MA 53 Chapters 131,915 Words
Set after the fall of the prison, Beth and Daryl are trying to make it on their own. They find a cabin and set up camp for the winter, working to gather supplies and keep an eye out for their family. Both find themselves attracted to each other but keep their physical feelings in check, allowing themselves to come closer and even friends. A strong spring storm forces them from their makeshift home and leaving only gets them into trouble. Their emotions catch up with them with a kiss but Daryl refuses to get involved with Beth, believing he’s not good enough. Beth does everything in her power to change that.
Sick by bibliobibulabethyl Rated M 33 Chapters 93,306 Words
Grady hospital was more than what we thought. They saved Beth’s life and turned her into a force to be reckoned with.
Tomorrow We Die by gillyflower34 Rated MA 33 Chapters 70,980 Words
Instead of Beth being captured by Grady, her and Daryl meet up with Negan’s group. They become apart of his inner circle and do what they have to do to survive.
The Difference Between Living and Surviving by sheriffandsteel Rated M 50 Chapters 118,803 Words
Beth and Daryl escape from the prison together and believe they are the only family they have left. The pair realizes they have feelings for each other and despite the ZA are very happy together. They start for DC and encounter adventure, peril and new people along the way.
All ‘Round The Sun by tanglingshasows Rated MA 28 Chapters 87,018 Words
This story picks up right after the fall of the prison, but diverges from canon, even before mud snakes and the suck ass camp. Joe and the claimers, and even terminus still make an appearance, as do most other TWD characters, as Beth and Daryl learn to live and love together in an abandoned cabin in the woods. 
Fire In The Blood Series by LemonStar Rated MA 3 Parts 81,611 Words
Beth reunites with her family at the church only to find that Daryl was the only one who cared to look for her. Maggie has seemingly forgotten about her and taken off to DC with Glenn.  Once back with the group, she    begins having problems adjusting to life again with her family.
Accepting Love by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA 54 Chapters 128,081 Words
This story takes place in the ZA just after the destruction of the prison. It’s the story of Beth and Daryl as they fight to survive, learn about each other and search for the rest of their family.
For The Ones Series by apenny12 Rated MA 2 Parts + 132,304 Words
It starts off when Beth is taken against her will at the funeral home. She follows a much different path than what we’ve seen in the show and becomes super tough along the way. Luckily, stumbles upon some sketchy types but also finds a member of her family.
No Cars Series by Sintina Rated MA 3 Parts 66,118 Words
Beth’s thoughts abou Daryl as he lay in the coffin, to when they are reunited with their family, and all the moments in between.
The Most Series by LemonStar Rated MA 3 Parts 97.738 Words
Daryl and Beth become closer while living at the prison and slowly start to fall in love. Luckily, the Governor is dead and the two lovebirds take their sweet time, navigating their new relationship and feelings.
Come Back To Me by sheriffandsteel Rated MA 23 Chapters 133,975 Words
With Morgan’s help, Beth finds her way to ASZ. When she arrives, everything seems brand new to her, including her family. Her memories are gone, but there’s something about a certain hunter who seems like a flickering light at the end of the tunnel.
The Day The World Went Away by ElsaEditorial Rated MA 40 Chapters 111,403 Words
Daryl managed to save Beth after she was kidnapped and they find a place to rest. Losing hope on finding their family, they decide to start a new life together.
Her Release by tigeracid08 Rated MA 21 Chapters 96,945 Words
On the road after the farm, Beth finds herself with an unexpected mentor that may or may not have the answer to her problems. Set between Season 2 and 3.
All I Ever Will Be by Cait Muir Rated MA 29 Chapters 61,501 Words
When Beth and Daryl find an underground bunker and a safe house, they finally have time to breathe and get to know each other. But is the safety a sham? Can they build a life together in this place? What secrets does this bunker hold?