ZA < 5k

Hide Beside Me by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 1,590 Words
After the moonshine shack, Daryl’s loses patience with Beth trying to teach her to hunt. Beth won’t have his attitude and later a begrudgingly given apology brings them one step closer to one another.
It`s Just A Poncho by flippantninny Rated T O/S 1,842 Words
Daryl has very strict rules when it comes to his belongings. Everyone must follow them, everyone except Beth.
Poison Under My Skin by AMiserableLove Rated MA O/S 4.075 Words
Beth seeks Daryl out in the middle of the night, drawn on by an undefined magnetism and the need to feel anything.
Slumber Till Day by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 3,767 Words
Daryl can’t sleep, but he finds someone who desperately needs the rest. A little spark grows between Beth and Daryl when he takes care of her for a change.
Ill With Want by leobrat Rated M O/S 2,787 Words
After ‘Oh,’ Beth helps them both bridge a communication gap that can’t be filled with words.
Settle With Me by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 1,387 Words
A party thrown in ASZ pairs an uncomfortable Daryl trying to fit in with a radiant Beth who could fit in anywhere. But she’s had to survive “out there” just like him and she’s ready to do more than that.
Reunion by sheriffandsteel Rated K O/S 3,348 Words
Terminus was a happy place, a great place to reunite with those who you thought you lost.
Heaven Is Home by burnedupasun Rated T O/S 1,424 Words
What Daryl sees when he dies is a home with blazing golden hair, sweetness, light, and finally rest for his weary soul.
Every Night I Save You by lostinthemusic6 Rated O/S 1,615 Words
Daryl thinks of all the ways he could have saved Beth, but it turns out she never needed him to save her, it was the other way around.
The Complexities of Faith by sheriffandsteel Rated K O/S 2,744 Words
Daryl never put much stock in a higher power. How could he with the hand life dealt him? Then Beth is taken from him, and he’s so broken he can’t help but plead for her safe return.
Tracking Practice by sheriffandsteel Rated K O/S 1,049 Words
Daryl hides behind his gruff exterior in an attempt to deny his feelings for Beth. Unfortunately training her to shoot his bow is not the best way to go about it.
Changing Gears by wellthatdepends Rated MA O/S 2,279 Words
It’s important to learn how to drive in the apocalypse, incase of emergency. Daryl has agreed to show Beth how to drive.
Reassurance by booklover1989 Rated MA O/S 2,228 Words
Set in the prison, something has been quietly building between Beth and Daryl. When he agrees to give her a driving lesson, a quick thank you breaks the dam releasing all their pent up sexual tension.
Getting Clean In Dangerous Waters by fid_gin Rated MA O/S 1,618 Words
In the relative safety of the funeral home, Beth and Daryl share a hot bath. Ready to cross the line from friendship into something more, Beth takes matters into her own hand.
Love You Most by katyfaise Rated MA O/S 2,272 Words
After a busy day of work in the ASZ, Beth likes to retreat to the library. On this particular occasion, Daryl surprises her, returning from a run with the intention of making her love the library for more than its books.
The Best Little Secrets Are Kept by fig_gin Rated MA O/S 1,108 Words
Prisonverse setting between season 3 and 4. Beth and Daryl share a little secret, and neither are sorry for the things they do in dark corridors.
At Least You Ain’t Blind by DeadlyBingo Rated K+ O/S 1,444 Words
Beth wakes up from Daryl’s and her moonshine binge. Hungover to say the least, Daryl’s no-nonsense way of taking care of her shows the subtle shift in their relationship.
You Threw Your Hair Back and Sang Along by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA O/S 2,544 Words
Daryl will do whatever she asks him to, and it brings their relationship to a whole new level.
We Can Be Good Again by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 2,619Words
Beth is returned back to Daryl and the family, but she’s not whole. Memories gone, but still alive, there’s something about Daryl that Beth lets in when she keeps everyone else out. Over a game of I Never, they start to rebuild what was between them, even though for Beth it’s almost for the first time.
So Happy To Be Home by LadyBeth Dixon Rated T O/S 3,981 Words
Beth finally makes it to ASZ and her and Daryl finally get the reunion they deserve
Shower by TheWalkingDead69 Rated MA O/S 4,149 Words
Beth and Daryl meet up in the prison showers for a quick, passionate tryst, as their relationship is unknown to the other survivors.  But what’s that they hear?  Footsteps!!!  Will they be discovered in the middle of their steamy romp?
Moonlight and Forgotten by maddie_amber Rated K O/S 1,432 Words
Drunk and stumbling through the woods, Daryl feels something foreign and conflicted churning up inside him. He leads Beth away from the burning moonshine shack, but it feels like they’re headed towards something else, despite his denial.
Mistaken For Parents by LilyFire Rated T O/S 1,800 Words
On a walk around the prison yard, Beth and Daryl are mistaken for Judith’s parents. The most unsettling part is the the happiness Daryl feels at the idea.
Miles To Go Before I Sleep by LemonStar Rated T 2 Chapters 4,324 Words
It doesn’t matter what happened, Beth survives what should have been a fatal gunshot. She understands why her family would decide to move on without her, but it doesn’t prevent a certain hunter from invading her thoughts and pulling at her heartstrings.
Will You Be My Anchor by dynamicsymmetry Rated K+ O/S 3.141 Words
After the moonshine shack, the axis of Beth and Daryl’s relationship has shifted. Everything is the same, but not. And despite Daryl’s self-loathing and doubt, he’s starting to admit that Beth means something more to him than he knows how to describe.
All The Time In The World by popculturesalad Rated MA O/S 2,767 Words
The tiny moments of peace and happiness are what Beth knows they must cling to in an apocalyptic world where nothing comes easy. So both she and Daryl live in the moment, letting themselves get lost in one another.
America’s Pastime by Severina Rated T O/S 1,509 Words
Safe within the walls of ASZ, the family is divided over a game of baseball. Loser has night watch for two straight weeks, but all Daryl has to do is stay focused. Too bad there’s a pretty distraction on 3rd base.
A Little Faith by Severina Rated T O/S 2,865 Words
Beth and Daryl are separated on a supply run gone wrong. When Beth doesn’t show at their agreed upon meeting spot, Daryl thinks the worst. Once again it’s up to Beth to prove him wrong.
All He Needed To Hear by coffeevixen84 Rated K O/S 4,659 Words
Daryl finds a place where he can find peace, and it’s all because Beth Greene is there to welcome him home.
The Killer In Me, Is The Killer In You by pleasantly.demented Rated MA O/S 4,909 Words
There is nothing Beth hides from Daryl. They’re completely exposed to one another, and in the early morning light they test the depths of their intimacy.
My Moon, My Man by ronsparkyspiers Rated MA O/S 2,785 Words
Beth twists Daryl’s harmless joke into a steamy romp in the bedroom.
Make It Through by wellthatdepends Rated T O/S 4,462 Words
Beth feels confined within the walls of ASZ. Even though she survived a gunshot to the head, it takes Daryl’s help to help her feel whole again.
Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Want To Play My Game by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA O/S 3,226 Words
Daryl was shy when they first arrived to the funeral home. Now he says exactly what he needs to.
One More Time You Say, Never Stop by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA O/S 1,544 Words
It’s been a few days since their last encounter and yet Daryl still wants to take this time to tease the hell out of Beth.
Pulse by xmjcx Rated MA O/S 3,704 Words
It was inevitable that it was going to happen.
Wildest Dreams by SirensCalling Rated T O/S 1.866 Words
Daryl wakes from a nightmare that Beth is truly gone. Only Beth is right there, ready to comfort him, and bring him back from the edge.
Birthday Surprise by Walking Fan Rated MA 2 Chapters 3,821 Words
It’s Daryl’s birthday and Beth has a surprise for him.
Singularity by knoxed_fiction Rated MA O/S 3,700 Words
Missing scene (AU) during Alone. Beth’s POV. If Beth and Daryl hadn’t been separated when they did, and continued to look for the others. Singularity: An area wherein space and time are infinitely distorted.
Redemption by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA O/S 4,723 Words
Beth and Daryl have been reunited and have just settled in at the Alexandria Safe Zone. They haven’t admitted love for each other or had sex yet, but the first night in the house they are sharing together may change all that.
How Impolite, How Imprudent by Jenwryn Rated MA O/S 2,318 Words
Beth and Daryl are alone in a barn in the middle of a thunderstorm. Beth tells a hesitant Daryl what she wants.
Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts by Lila82 Rated K+ O/S 2,331 Words
Beth and Daryl find their way back to one another after Beth is abducted outside the funeral home. It takes some time for them to recover from the trauma of being separated, but they find reassurance in one another’s company and devotion to one another.
 Bethyl Babies Series by TikiPrincess Rated T 4 Parts 2515 Words
Daryl and Beth share a house in ASZ, but for Daryl, it is the life he shares with Beth that enables him to call those four walls a home. Beth symbolizes his hope, happiness, and future in this ZA AU series
The Best of It by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 4,284 Words
What every Bethyl fan hoped had happened in the moonshine shack.
Unclose Me by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 3,296 Words
Beth has been fantasizing about Daryl (and especially his hands) for a long time in her private moments. Once they are lone on the road together, he comes back from hunting early and catches her.
I Won`t Fade Away by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 3,072 Words
Beth uses the strength of the brave women and men she’s known to not only survive the hospital but to escape it and find Daryl.
Codetta by holdupjustnow Rated T O/S 3,058 Words
Morgan finds Beth shot in the head but very much alive. Beth needs to find Daryl and the others and Morgan wants to join Rick.
In Too Deep by flyingsalami Rated T O/S 607 Words
Daryl has a nightmare and Beth wakes him and something else awakens in them both.
A Hunter and a Virgin by SandyBell74 Rated MA O/S 2,281 Words
Beth knows that times have changed and that death could be knocking on her door any day now. Not wanting to die a virgin, she asks Daryl in the early hours of the morning if he could help her out.
My Sunshine by ChainsawLollipop Rated MA O/S 1,909 Words
A short one-shot from Daryl’s point of view of when he and Beth got out of the prison together.
The Infirmary by daryldixonn Rated MA O/S 2,453 Words
Beth and Daryl are together and they try away for some alone time but not before Maggie tries to embarrass Beth a bit.
 Bodyguard by Severina Rated T O/S 1,026 Words
Beth and Daryl journey outside the wall with a little Judith and another child to go pick berries. A neighbor teases Daryl for being a bodyguard but when walkers appear, we learn that Beth doesn’t necessarily need one.
Animals by Catherine_Toast Rated MA O/S 3,148 Words
A look at Daryl and Beth alone and in the wild. 
Saved by NicoleTheresa1 Rated T O/S 3,164 Words
Beth leaves the hospital, meets Morgan, and finds Daryl. Though it seems she’s lost all love for Maggie, she’s willing to give ASZ a try for Daryl.
Keys and Candles by monetrepreneur Rated K O/S 2,131 Words
In the funeral home Beth writes in her journal about her hopes and her feelings towards Daryl.  Daryl just plain struggles to acknowledge what he feels for Beth is more than just companionship.
Never Have I Ever by trashboy24 Rated MA O/S 1,172 Words
Beth and Daryl’s game of never have I ever takes a quick turn to the illicit.
What Would Never Be by leftmywingsbehind Rated K+ O/S 2,008 Words
A first person account from Beth about what happens when she’s taken away from Daryl.
Lungs by dksbear Rated T 2 Chapters 4,655 Words
In the safety of the funeral home, Beth is keenly aware of how alive they are, how she and Daryl are drawn to one another in their mutual attraction.
No With You by moonshinebeths Rated T O/S 1,614 Words
Beth reunites with her family, but has no memory of them. The only thing familiar is a face and a leather vest, and the feeling of being home.
Guard Tower by bethylbethyl Rated MA O/S 1,843 Words
Beth and Daryl have guard duty in the tower at the prison. It doesn’t take much for them to express their desire for each other.
Stay (just a little bit longer) by NativeBrummie Rated T O/S 3,923 Words
A take on the “Beth lives” idea.
Sweat, Blood and Tears by Ekhi Rated T O/S 1,982 Words
Sometime in the future, walkers are regaining brain function. As civilization starts to rebound, it’s Daryl and Beth’s job to teach walkers how to exercise.
Say The Word by Abelina Rated MA O/S 2,034 Words
A simple game to pass the time turns into a confession neither were expecting.
Why Can’t We Be Selfish Again by HappyDirtyCookiie Rated MA O/S 3,514 Words
Beth just wants Daryl to stop distancing himself and come talk to her, instead of avoiding her at every opportunity he gets. Surviving a bullet to the head can really make a person go crazy, especially when all they can think about is a man with his breath in her ear, hands on her chest, and lips on her neck. And he is making her crazy, and it’s not doing either of them any favors.
Too Beautiful by bethylmommy Rated MA O/S 2,208 Words
One of the new residents at the prison gets over his head with Beth and Daryl makes sure everyone knows she ain’t available.
This Feeling Begins Just Like a Spark by teamtuttle Rated MA O/S 3,576 Words
While at Grady, Beth dreams of Daryl.
Throb by xmjcx Rated MA O/S 3,857 Words
Merle is a pain in Daryl’s ass, and Beth Greene is a welcoming sight.
Insatiable by Abelina Rated MA O/S 1,224 Words
He sometimes wonders how he ever thought he could keep up to her. She’s an animal. A goddess. An insatiable thirst all wrapped up in an adorable blonde package.
This Game We Play by Abelina Rated MA O/S 1,732 Words
All of that should either knock the worries right out of his head—because, yeah, he’s being a little ridiculous—or make him worry more. But it does something else entirely. Something he never in a million years saw coming. A one-time mistake leads to Daryl finding something new to bring into the bedroom.
A Long Road by Bestbuds55 Rated MA 3 Chapters 3,931 Words
Short story about Daryl and Beth travelling after the farm was overtaken by walkers. Beth wondering what her place is within the group.
In the Dark by articcat621 Rated MA O/S 858 Words
Beth and Daryl are on the road, the beginning of “Still”. What happens when they get trapped in the trunk of the car and Beth needs a distraction from the walkers outside.
Frustration and Fantasy by eReedus Rated MA O/S 2,852 Words
Beth and Daryl stay at the funeral home for a while and the sexual tension is rising with each passing second.
 The Business of Pleasure by wildhoneychild Rated MA 4 Chapters 4,118 Words
During their time after the prison, Beth and Daryl come across a sex shop during a supply run and decide to check it out. Some awkward tension and conversation lead to sexy times.
Daryl Tries To Get Alone Time by Macs_Queen Rated MA O/S 1,514 Words
Daryl escapes to the woods to rinse off in the creek and take care of his other needs. Beth “accidentally” stumbles upon him.
Twenty One Days and Counting by maddie_amber Rated K O/S 1,703 Words
Beth’s thoughts and memories between the fall of the prison and the events that happened in “Still”
Hope Enough by poncholover Rated K O/S 2,882 Words
Daryl reminisces about Beth and her kidnapping, realizing how much he had cared for her. He wants to search for her but isn’t sure where to start but is sure she’s alive.
Quiet Reader by TheCatholicFanGirl Rated K O/S 2,756 Words
Beth began working at the library in their new sanctuary and Daryl had been trying to read more.
A Little Hope by TheSparksAbove Rated T 6 Chapters 3,861 Words
AU of Daryl and Beth in Alexandria learning to adjust to a new way of living in Alexandria. No longer fighting daily for their lives and eating mud snakes but hot showers and dinner dates. Can Beth and Daryl connect without the constant threat to their lives?
A First Time Supposed to Be Special by hisheartkiller Rated MA O/S 1,678 Words
Beth and Daryl starting out back at the farm. How Daryl wanted to make her first time special.
The Promise by ByeFelicia Rated MA O/S 1,595 Words
Beth makes a deal–her body in exchange for help finding Daryl. Despite her best efforts, Daryl is still the one who saves her.
Georgia Son by Catherine_Toast Rated M O/S 1,567 Words
After Terminus, the group all come together again and find their family. Then tragedy strikes one evening that threatens to break this group apart.
Let Her Fly by swallowedsong Rated T O/S 1,795 Words
Brief moments strung together described from Beth’s perspective. All of them build up to something intimate and full of potential between Daryl and her.
I Remember (You Were Just Like Me) by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated T O/S 4,668 Words
Daryl is captured. He assumes he’s being taken to his death, and during this time, he reflects on a life full of loss. Instead of meeting death, he comes face to face with the one person who can repair his soul.
Matchmaker by UltimateBethylFicList Rated T O/S 2,717 Words
Reunited in Alexandria, Daryl and Beth immediately go back to their old habits but lingering between them are many conversations not yet had. Aaron and Eric are tired of the two pussyfooting around their feelings and invite them both to dinner one night, hoping to push them towards what they both really want.
(Blow Away) These Days of Dust by feelingisfirst Rated MA O/S 2,304 Words
Daryl is trying to be discrete even though Beth insists their relationship is public knowledge. Despite his discomfort, he doesn’t fight to keep Beth from following him into the shower.
To Heaven and Hell by NicoleTheresa1 Rated T O/S 4,032 Words
Beth has to make a decision to either move on or fight to get back to Daryl.
I’m Here With You by walkerstalker1969 Rated T O/S 1,120 Words
The exchange in the hospital works in their favor, Daryl gets his reunion with Beth, and once they find safety, they pick up where they left off in the funeral home.
The Edge of Tonight by jazznsmoke Rated K O/S 1,471 Words
Days without Daryl all blend together, and Beth is just putting one foot in front of the other until she hears his voice.
Awkward and Unexpected First Times by Kharino13 Rated MA 2 Chapters 3,801 Words
Everyone’s first time can be awkward. Even more so, the time leading up to it.
Touch Me by smile1 Rated T O/S 3.019 Words
Beth wants romance in a relationship, and her first time to mean something.
Last One Standing by AMac0218 Rated T O/S 2,564 Words
Team Family outsmarts their captors at Terminus. On their way out, Daryl notices a familiar car with a cross painted on its back window, and he follows the trail straight to Beth.
To All Those Who Wronged Me by Tori-Chan-Madrigal Rated T O/S 3,943 Words
The rescue mission to retrieve Beth from Grady Memorial Hospital is planned and executed very differently, and rather than a stupid mistake, Beth uses her newfound strength to help her get back to Daryl.
Broken Bones Always Seem To Mend by alchemystique Rated T O/S 2,797 Words
Neither Beth nor Daryl feel comfortable within the safety of ASZ’s walls. The only comfort they have is found in each other, and even that’s not enough to help them talk about their last night in the funeral home, and what happened during their time apart.
Touch by AlisaRB Rated T 3 Chapters 3,364 Words
The exchange in the hallway at Grady Memorial Hospital goes badly, but it’s Daryl who takes the bullet, and Beth refuses to give up on him.
Hungry by xmjcs Rated MA O/S 3,647 Words
Set in the Alexandria Safe Zone, Beth and Daryl’s first time together – which is anything but smooth and is everything awkward – and their time together now, which is much improved.
Pinch by Carolina _not_Caroline Rated MA O/S 3,331 Words
Every night since her fateful arrival to Alexandria, Daryl wakes her up with a pinch, and Beth is determined to make him stop doing so.
I’m Thirsty – Drown Me by Ambrosia29 Rated MA O/S 964 Words
Relatively safe in the ASZ, Daryl and Beth drown of thirst.
It Was Raining by Ambrosia29 Rated MA O/S 1,380 Words
Finally safe(ish) behind the walls of Alexandria, Beth & Daryl warm up after getting caught in the rain.
I’m Coming Home Daddy by itsonlyfaith18 Rated T O/S 4,936 Words
Beth is alive after the Grady and she wants to go home . Her father guide every step give, while she struggles with the indifference of Daryl and her differences with her sister.
Desert Sky by Kate Winters Rated T O/S 1,328 Words
The way Rick walks as he leaves the infirmary reminds her of a serial killer from Hitchcock’s movies. He holds the hatchet like he’s about to chop some firewood, not decaying flesh. Rick might have had his crazy moments, but this time, she agrees with him. They can’t just sit here and do nothing.
Sanditon by Kate Winters Rated K O/S 1,562 Words
Beth and Daryl dream of what their life together could be like.
Something Old, Something New by fig_gin Rated M O/S 1,028 Words
A walker dressed in unusual attire causes Daryl to examine the nature of he and Beth’s relationship.
How The Story Ends by Severina Rated T O/S 2,496 Words
The rescue mission at the hospital is on, and Daryl is alternately blessed and plagued by visions of his reunion with Beth.
You Surround Me by silentdescant Rated MA O/S 1,709 Words
Beth closes her eyes and imagines the soft guitar melody blanketing her, surrounding and protecting her like Daryl is now, actually. He’s still awake, she can tell by the way he’s breathing in sync with her, but his arms are tight around her the way they used to lie together outside the walls.
To Have and To Hold by Severina Rated T O/S 1,317 Words
“Always got time to appreciate the pretty things, Daryl,” she said when she finally started slowly toward him. The leaves rustled beneath her old scuffed boots; there was a bramble stuck in her hair and a jagged hole in the sleeve of her sweater.

He watched her come and knew she was right.

Not Even In The Rain by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 2,264 Words
It takes a while for Daryl to know things about himself, and when he does, not even the rain can wash that knowledge away—not even when he wishes it could.
Night Wanderings by JustMaeBe Rated MA O/S 2,556 Words
After a gruelling twenty-four hour watch at the prison, Daryl falls into a dream where he can touch Beth in all the ways he desperately wants to. But something about this dream is different, more vibrant. But he’s still Daryl, she’s still Beth, and this is all just a dream. Right?
All Of Me by HappyDirtyCookiie Rated T O/S 2,084 Words
Beth thinks she’s known for a while that Daryl loves her, but it’s never been about the thing it always is in all those stories about passion and falling in love that she used to read. He loves her, but not in the way she thought was essential to a romance. It’s not about that.
Oh by rednecksaints Rated MA O/S 3,673 Words
This short story provides a glimpse into Daryl’s head after Beth is shot, as well as several vignette flashbacks from when they were together.
Painted Bodies by DramioneShipperz Rated T O/S 3,304 Words
What if Rick and Daryl found Beth and not Jesus. After living in Alexandria for a month, Beth decides to do something. Starting with painting a wall in her house, with the help of Daryl of course.
The Things We Can’t Have by HappyDirtyCookiie Rated K O/S 1,391 Words
He doesn’t touch people. Not like that. He doesn’t touch them, and they don’t touch him. But here’s Beth, the girl whose chaste finger brushes and hand holds he found himself… liking. The only person he’s found that he gets something more out of her touch. And she’s asking why he doesn’t want that.
How It’s Supposed To Be by HappyDirtyCookiie Rated T O/S 2,107 Words
Daryl’s never thought about being a father before, but after seeing Beth’s face when she looks at Maggie’s pregnancy scan, he’s starting to re-consider. She wanted a child before, and everyone can tell she’d be good at it by the way she handles Judith. So Daryl thinks, since it’s her, and she makes him feel like he has a chance… He might be able to give her what she might not say all the time out loud, but undoubtedly wants.
Escapism by HappyDirtyCookiie Rated K O/S 1,611 Words
Shortly after Noah escapes the hospital, Beth breaks out again and does too. And when she finds him… he’s with Daryl and Carol. Beth’s been dreaming of the day she’d see them all again, but a little escapism once in a while always helps.
Clouded Dream on an Earthly Night by Ambrosia29 Rated MA 3 Chapters 4,630 Words
She was taken. So he ran, gave chase until exhaustion and a forked road forced him to stop. But even in his dreams, he gives chase. He has to find her.

For him, there is no other option.

Shouldn’t, Wouldn’t, Couldn’t by Vlora Rated T O/S 1,287 Words
Quick little Bethyl thing, with a confession & unrequited feelings on both sides.
Busy Fingers by Vlora Rated K O/S 1,326 Words
Daryl can appreciate the solitary nature of guard duty. Except that it’s only solitary for about as long as he can keep Beth away.
In All My Dreams Dear (You Seem To Leave Me) by inkyfingerstoo Rated T O/S 3,470 Words
Daryl reveals the nightmares he suffers through one quiet evening in Alexandria with Beth.
Keep Breathing by Kate Winters Rated T O/S 1,581 Words
If Beth was there for Daryl after Denise’s death.
She’s Still Alive, But She’s Barely Breathing by AnimeRoxx Rated T O/S 3,486 Words
When the gunshot rang out, time stopped for Daryl. His light, his glimmer of sunshine, his Beth, gone. She died right in front of him. But, what if she wasn’t dead? Bethyl.
Fear by C O D A 5 0 8 Rated MA O/S 1,483 Words
What if Beth was alive for the Season 6 Finale? Would things be different?
Love Ever Lost by bethyl0310 Rated MA O/S 3,967 Words
Beth Greene had always been so certain of at least one thing in her life: she understood the meaning of loss. She had seen her father beheaded directly in front of her. Spent months locked away from her family, only to lose herself to a bullet in her scalp moments after she had found them again. It took kneeling on the cold, damp forest floor to realize how damn wrong she was.
Our Secret by Colt and Katana Rated MA 2 Chapters 3,521 Words
Daryl goes to Beth’s cell one night after he’s had a few drinks and takes his pleasure.
Unknown by bubblesbromleigh Rated T O/S 1,593 Words
After events at the end of season 6, Daryl is back in Alexandria but things aren’t all they seem.
Borders and Horizon Lines by dynamicsymmetry Rated K+ O/S 3,534 Words
Together for half a year after the prison fell, Beth and Daryl finally find their way to the ASZ. The reunion is joyful, but the adjustment is difficult in ways they could never have predicted. And maybe it doesn’t need to be. Maybe they need to stop closing doors and open some new ones.
A Place We Can’t Pronounce by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 3,818 Words
Beth is self conscious about her small breasts. Daryl makes sure she knows exactly how he feels about that.
It’s True, I Crave You by exoticdeviance Rated MA O/S 3,471 Words
When he finally looks up, when she finally sees the first face she remembered after waking up in hot Atlanta heat in the trunk of a car, she understands the phrase be careful what you wish for.
I Think, I Thought, I Saw You by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 2,734 Words
Somewhere along the road between Grady and Alexandria, Beth lost her religion. She might not find it ever again. But she’s sure as hell to find something.
All The Time In The World by windsofdawn Rated T O/S 2,108 Words
Over time finding her family had begun to take a back seat to just surviving and living to see another day. She had to face the fact that she may never find them. She had to put herself first. Over time the hope she’d carried deep in her bones eventually dwindled until she could hardly feel it anymore.
Then and Now by Severina Rated T O/S 1,742 Words
Then, they had a tarp, a rickety tin can barricade, and sullen silence. Now.. things are different between them.
All of the stars, will guide us home by abbyli Rated T O/S 3,634 wods
A look at Beth’s journey to find her family and Daryl. 
A Helping Hand by ALCzysz17 Rated MA O/S 4,594 Words
Beth has been feeling sexually frustrated and doesn’t know how to help herself out. While going to take a break in the guard tower, she finds someone who might be able to give her a helping hand.
Beth’s One Night by journeysss Rated MA O/S 1,907 Words
Beth has wanted Daryl since back at the farm. She has finally grown tired of waiting and plans to make her move that night while he’s on watch at the prison.
I’ve Never by Sanderuhh Rated MA O/S 2,043 Words
Following the events of “Still”, Beth is tired of Daryl being unresponsive. While they play the game of I Never,  she says she’s never had sex. Daryl is looking to change that.
Mad Dogs and Englishmen by Lexi-Nou Rated MA O/S 2,587 Words
It’s a hot day at the Prison and both Daryl and Beth are trying to get out of the sun. Too bad things just get hotter between them.
Something I Need by JustJinxed Rated MA O/S 3,725 Words
After the prison falls, Beth and Daryl get out together. While taking shelter in a home for the night, Beth’s grief overcomes her. Daryl goes to check on her but doesn’t expect it when Beth states she just wants to feel something other than sadness.
Comfort by Sanderuhh Rated MA O/S 2,371 Words
Beth had just witnessed her father be murdered by the Governor and now her and Daryl need to get out of there. They find a cabin to stay in for the night and Daryl comforts Beth after her horrible day.
In Vino Veritas by Monsway Rated MA O/S 3,280 Words
Another take on what happened after “Still”. Beth and Daryl begin to understand what their relationship is and take it to the next level.
I’ll be Gentle by snoodlepoodle Rated MA O/S 2,272 Words
Beth and Daryl explore a new side of their relationship.
It Suits You by katyfaise Rated MA O/S 1,539 Words
Beth and Daryl are alone in a cabin in the woods and she finds an old bottle of red nail polish. Daryl finds he unexpectedly likes the color.
Sixteen by ronsparkyspiers Rated MA O/S 3,382 Words
Beth is sixteen when Rick’s group comes to stay on the farm. As they settle in, Beth has fantasies about a certain sexy, mysterious archer and does whatever she can to grab his attention.
Torn and Mended by Dreenali Rated MA O/S 2,84 Words
Daryl and Beth have been reunited for over a month now and Beth just can’t get Daryl to kiss her like he did when he first found her again. Finally, they have a breakthrough and Daryl shared a secret with Beth.
First Time for Everything by m7storyteller Rated MA O/S 2,751 Words
Everyone at the prison is preparing for war with the Governor. Beth seeks out Daryl and tells him she’s worried she will die. More specifically, she’s worried she’ll die a virgin and wonders if Daryl will help fix the situation.
Of Courtin’ Permissions by m7storyteller Rated T O/S 1,756 Words
At the prison, both Beth and Daryl want each other but neither of them know it yet. They each ask permission from Carol and Hershel to date each other but are anxious as to the answers they will receive.
In Dreams by AMiserableLove Rated T O/S 1,241 Words
After the fall of the prison, Beth starts having horrific nightmares but luckily Daryl is there to rouse and comfort her.
He Didn’t Know What She Would Do by bamelot89 Rated T O/S 1,481 Words
Daryl looks frantically for Beth, only to find out she’s been taken by cannibals.
Shelter by Severina Rated T O/S 1,076 Words
Beth is back with the group and feeling distant. But she has Daryl and that’s all she needs.
Something Good by ronsparkyspiers Rated MA 2 Chapters 2,818 Words
Beth and Daryl’s first and second time having sex. Not much more to it than that. 
Moonshine House by BabyImpala1967 Rated MA O/S 2,272 Words
Events in the moonshine shack turn out very differently than they did on the show. There is a little bit of plot, but you don’t really need it.
Enchanted by Severina Rated MA O/S 1,001 Words
Beth and Daryl come across a swimming hole and decide to go swimming.
Forget by itneverleftyou Rated MA 2 Chapters 2,678 Words
Beth is back with the group but returns beaten and broken and with a darkness surrounding her.
Everything Will Be Okay by Vahkhiin Rated K+ O/S 4,328 Words
Daryl and Aaron are scouting for survivors and everything they do reminds him of Beth. He knows he’s not over it and knows that he loves her. While getting ready to return home, they hear gunshots and two survivors find them.
As if it had been yesterday by AlisaRB Rated K O/S 2,684 Words
Daryl hasn’t been happy since they got to Alexandria, and there is only one person who can fix that.
Where Do We Go (When we Walk on Light) by abbyli Rated K O/S 3,240 Words
Despite Beth’s ominous feeling about a run, Daryl goes anyway. Things head south quickly, but when Rick returns with only Daryl’s bow, Beth refuses to believe he’s gone.
By Candlelight by warqueenfuriosa Rated K O/S 2,391 Words
Even though winter is bleak at the prison, Beth tries to spread a little light and Christmas cheer to her family and all those she loves.
You’re Cursin Like A Sailor, Greene by akiraflame_tumblr Rated MA O/S 2,611 Words
Beth Greene has a potty mouth.
Beth Dixon by tattdkiki Rated MA O/S 3,423 Words
A take on if Carol and Beth had gotten out of Grady before the group could save them.
Talk by HaloNoir Rated K O/S 1,782 Words
Reunited with the family, Beth gets to know the new additions to their group. Of course Daryl is jealous of another man paying Beth attention, but he certainly can’t articulate that or any of his other feelings.
Back Home by bethygreene Rated T O/S 3,079 Words
Beth gets her way, going on a run with Maggie, Glenn, and Daryl. On the way to scavenge for supplies, they stop back at the farmhouse and have a few peaceful moments to go through family mementos.
Rocks and Water by reedyas Rated T O/S 3,928 Words
The rescue mission to get back Beth and Carol goes awry. When Beth comes to, she’s in danger and she’s alone. This time though, she’s much stronger, and the thought of a certain redneck keeps her forging ahead.
Daryl Does Laundry by ayame2004 Rated MA O/S 2,041 Words
Beth and Morgan come across Aaron and Daryl and they make their way to Alexandria to be reunited with their family. Beth and Daryl get close but nothing romantic happens until the night Beth decides to have Daryl cuddle with her on the couch.
Only A Foolish Sheep, Angers The Wolf by JCS Writer Rated MA O/S 4,684 Words
After escaping Terminus, Daryl and the family receive a clue as to where Beth might have been taken. On the way to track her down, she’s already escaped, but she’s taken something from Atlanta with her.
Concentrate by inkyfingerstoo Rated K O/S 1,216 Words
Daryl thinks he’s helping (Beth thinks he’s hindering) her with target practice on his crossbow. If distraction is supposed to help her practice, then even Daryl is a little bit rusty. One of the brief moments between Still and Alone, Beth and Daryl grow closer during their time surviving together.
What You Think by Vlora Rated K O/S 1,349 Words
Finding what is always just a temporary shelter, Daryl sees Beth as the type of girl with flowers in her hair. A sweet moment amidst their ugly reality.
Share Some Skin by katyfaise Rated MA O/S 1,231 Words
Beth and Daryl dabble in some light bandage. Daryl has explored Beth’s wild side, and now she wants to him to feel the same thrill.
The World Was On Fire and No One Could Save Me But You by StrangersAngels Rated MA O/S 3,282 Words
Beth escapes Grady, Daryl heads to Atlanta following a lead, and with the help of two horses, and they are reunited in the middle of a thunderstorm.
This Is How I Want To Love You by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA O/S 4,423 Words
While they’re grateful for the whole family being reunited, Beth and Daryl are desperate to have some privacy. A hunting trip gives them an opportunity to be intimate, but nothing ever goes to plan. An unexpected visitor actually spurs on Daryl’s insatiable appetite for Beth.
Inevitable by sheriffandsteel Rated MA O/S 3,124 Words
They made it to the safety of ASZ, but Daryl and Beth keep dancing along this unspoken boundary that neither are brave enough to cross.
I’ve Been Waiting For You by Colt and Katana Rated MA O/S 4,871 Words
Beth and Daryl are stuck outside in the rain. A few confessions leads to a night neither will forget.
Wounded by Colt and Katana Rated MA O/S 1,287 Words
A prison-verse fic in which Daryl is injured and a fever dream coaxes his true feelings out for Beth to hear.
You’re Gonna Stay Broken Forever by sibiix3 Rated T O/S 1,424 Words
Beth gets shot in the stomach at Grady, instead of the head. She has time to have one last conversation with Daryl.
Out of the Woods by lupadaisy Rated MA 3 Chapters 3,539 Words
Beth and Daryl find a home to stay in after the fall of the prison. Their thoughts are on each other and what they could possibly do to occupy the time.
New by drivef1 Rated T 5 Chapters 3,808 Words
They had no idea until she started feeling pains in the middle of the forest. Now Beth and Daryl enter Alexandria with their little one in tow.
A Lesson of the Heart by thedagness Rated T O/S 2,571 Words
Beth talks Daryl into letting her teach him how to play the piano. Their easy interaction at the funeral home shows just how close they’ve grown, and it’s obvious their relationship hovers at the boundary between begrudging friendship and something much more.
Remember Who You Are by Chels0320_LovingtheSongbird Rated MA O/S 2,473 Words
Without Beth, Daryl feels himself giving up. Just when he’s ready to let go, Beth tells him it’s not his time, and brings him back to life in more ways than one.
We’ll Be Good by Crayzee bubbles Rated T O/S 1,389 Words
Beth and Daryl reflect on their situation in the moonshine shack.
The World Was On Fire by PunkyNemo Rated K O/S 2,318 Words
Daryl and Beth’s story leading up to the events of Coda are parallel to the archetype of a fairytale. Love conquers all, and the heroine will find her mate even if it requires surviving death itself.
Finding Hope by thatnerdgirl3232 Rated T O/S 2,389 Words
Beth’s path intersects with a couple of thieves who have a motorcycle and a familiar crossbow. The clues lead her straight back to Daryl, but it will take time for Beth to recover from the trauma of all the events that happened at Grady.
I Don’t Dance by LilyFire Rated K O/S 1,100 Words
The family is invited to a party in ASZ. Daryl sticks out like a sore thumb, but with Beth there his place is right by her side.
Living by covertWDfan Rated MA O/S 1,455 Words
After a night trapped in the trunk of a car, waiting out a passing herd, Beth asks Daryl not to let her die a virgin. The rush of adrenaline and the relief of surviving pushes him to give in to her need.
Seeing Her by thought_criminal Rated K 4 Chapters 1,121 Words
Beth’s reunion with her family from four different perspectives, each one noticing the subtle shift in her interaction with Daryl.
Encore by bethylmommy Rated MA O/S 1,896 Words
During game night, a small confession leads to an interesting round.
I’m A Genie In A Bottle (You Gotta Rub Me The Right Way) by TheDragonandtheHare Rated MA O/S 3,668 Words
Beth wants to lose her virginity and who better than Daryl Dixon.
Can’t See the Greene For the Trees by Marlex7 Rated T O/S 1,634 Words
Maggie’s too busy feeling both guilty and relieved to have her sister back that she doesn’t see a romance blossoming right under her nose.
High Enough by Mrs.Monster Rated MA O/S 3,719 Words
Beth And Daryl go out on a run together. After a walker kill leaves Beth dirtier than she’s comfortable with, they find a school locker room to get her clean. It’s when she asks Daryl to give her a hand that things get interesting.
Don’t Try Anything Funny by Moonlight Escape Rated MA O/S 4,404 Words
Daryl just wants to relax inside the coffin and listen to Beth play the piano and sing. Beth just wants to torment him a little. What’s the worst that could happen?
Make Me Forget by articcat621 Rated MA O/S 3,842 Words
Beth could still hear her family’s voices in her head; the screaming and fear. While at the moonshine shack, things take a slight turn when Beth just wants to forget about everything.
Stay Like This by SeattleGirl359 Rated MA O/S 4,256 Words
Daryl and Carol find Beth; they bring her back to the group and from that point Beth and Daryl are inseparable.
Goodbye by westcoastskies Rated MA O/S 3,603 Words
The prison fell and the group got separated, but they reunited before anything else could happen. Now Daryl needs to leave on a run and Beth needs to tell him how she feels. But Beth doesn’t say goodbye anymore.
Crash Into Me by em_c_writes Rated MA O/S 3,342 Words
Beth and Daryl are at the funeral home but are never chased out by walkers. Beth makes a confession that scares Daryl and he lashes out. 
Still Alone by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA O/S 4,584 Words
Beth and Daryl are alone in the funeral home and luckily safe. Once Beth realizes that Daryl cares for her, she begins to think of him in a new light and plans how she can get him to make the first move. Of course, Daryl isn’t the one to do it so Beth bluntly approaches him and tells him what she wants.
Once Bitten by mannanna Rated M 3 Chapters 4,139 Words
Beth risks her life to save Daryl, but he fears Beth might not recover from her injuries. The tense moments he waits and watches her forces Daryl to accept how much he needs Beth in his life.
We Demand by zagzagael Rated M 3 Chapters 3,785 Words
Despite their age difference, Beth and Daryl take notice of each other. Daryl gives into Beth’s demands and the feelings he’s been holding back for far too long.
Merry Christmas, Daryl Dixon by closetfangirl77 Rated T O/S 2,225 Words
Daryl’s words about never getting a Christmas present haunt Beth. And she decides to try and fix it.
Center Stage by The_Readers_Muse Rated MA O/S 1,462 Words
The morning after Daryl and Beth get up to some fun in the coffin. Beth reflects on it.
Rub-A-Dub by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 1,410 Words
Beth decides enough is enough and somehow convinces Daryl to take a bath. Set between Still and Alone.
Scary Stories To Tell At The End of the World by apocalypseballads Rated T O/S 3,630 Words
Beth and Daryl are camping out in the woods and to pass the time after darkness falls, they tell each other scary stories.
Dreaming Dreams with Happy Endings by dawnofthedusk Rated K O/S 3,286 Words
Everyone is together and traveling north, looking for a safe place to be. Daryl and Beth are reunited and together but start to worry when they get some surprising news.
Sometimes You Gotta Believe by maddie_amber Rated K O/S 1,769 Words
After Still. Beth is afraid that Daryl is going to come back to who he was before they burnt the shack.
Who You’re Thinking Of by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 1,162 Words
A missing moment from the funeral home, Beth and Daryl have a sweet domestic moment that Daryl tries to ruin with his crude mouth and bad table manners.
Open Doors by the sandragon Rated K O/S 1,110 Words
Daryl receives some shocking news from Beth and while it’s not what he expected and it scares him, he figures out what he needs to do.
I Hope the Worst Isn’t Over by angelsaves Rated MA O/S 4,171 Words
Beth and Daryl are reunited and are camping out in the woods. Beth admits to Daryl that she wants to kiss him and he lets her but she quickly gets carried away. Daryl sets some ground rules and they agree to progress their physical relationship in steps as to not move too fast.
Space by Lemonstar Rated T O/S 1,868 Words
Since Beth has been reunited with the group and while traveling to Washington, she has kept her distance from everyone, including her sister and Daryl. Judith is the only one that can coax a tiny smile out of Beth and Daryl worries about her constantly, studying her every move but being afraid to approach her. One day on the road, Beth makes a discovery and chooses to share it with Daryl.
Starlight by bkwrmnlvnit Rated T O/S 1,637 Words
Beth and Daryl sit in their makeshift camp discussing the the stars and the possibility of seeing their family again.
Living Through Tomorrow by sheriffandsteel Rated K O/S 3,559 Words
Six years after the loss of Beth, society has begun to rebuild itself and a chain-letter of survivors makes it way from settlement to settlement. Daryl never waits to hear the names on the list because he has no one to listen for but one day he hears a name that he was sure he’d never hear again.
Runaway Train  by ronsparkyspiers Rated MA O/S 1,590 Words
Beth teases Daryl during a family meeting and he makes her pay for it when it’s over.
A Christmas Countdown by arrowsandangels Rated K O/S 3,009 Words
Beth decides that she’s had enough of winter and wants to celebrate Christmas. She decides on a day and counts down to it while getting everyone else in the prison excited and in the spirit.
Wouldn`t Kill You To Have  A Little Faith by burningupasun Rated K O/S 4,690 Words
Daryl is devastated by Beth’s death. Just when he feels he can’t hold on any longer, Beth comes to him, reminds him of everything she stood for, and everything she taught him. Through their time apart, it is evident just how much Beth means to Daryl, and how not even death can keep them apart.
Still Alone by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated MA O/S 4,584 Words
Alone together at the funeral home, Daryl and Beth get to figure out how their relationship has changed after their “oh” moment. Since they are tucked away in a safe haven, they don’t waste the precious time they have together, and they quickly give in to the sexual tension that built up between them.
Jealousy by ek-dreamland Rated T O/S 1,308 Words
Daryl admits that he loves Beth, but only to himself. After she arrives in Alexandria, they spend all their time together but avoiding anything romantic. One evening, Daryl finds Beth talking to another resident and becomes jealous.
Now by spicehnoodles Rated T O/S 2,364 Words
Beth is offended by the questions Deanna asks her in her interview when they arrive in Alexandria. She makes sure to let her know that she’s not innocent and she’s not the teenager she once was.
Tales from the Keeper of Songs by burnedupasun Rated T O/S 3,465 Words
A tale-teller recounts the story of two humans who lived in a very different time than their own.
Barbie and Rambo by flippantninny Rated T O/S 1,737 Words
While Daryl and Beth are out hunting one day, Eugene brings up the close relationship between the two. Everyone thinks he’s nuts until they realize that maybe he’s right.
Ain`t Afraid of Nothin by apenny12 Rated T O/S 2,998 Words
Settled in ASZ, Daryl notices Beth has another admirer in town. As much as he puts up a tough-guy act, Daryl can’t help but be jealous. It’s up to Beth to remind him who she loves.
Once Upon a Time by 5t4c3y Rated T 2 Chapters 2,402 Words
Daryl falls for Beth at the farm. Hershel and Rick forbid them to continue.
Simple Gifts by maddie_amber Rated K O/S 2,916 Words
Through a memory of their time at the funeral home, Daryl helps Beth with the long recovery from her gunshot wound.
So This is Love by weezly14 Rated T O/S 2,218 Words
Beth reflects on her past relationships and the relationship that can’t even be given a label because it’s the end of the world and Daryl Dixon will be the last man standing.
Rain by flippantninny Rated T O/S 2,214 Words
Beth and Daryl seek shelter from the rain in a small cabin. When Beth wants to use the downpour to clean herself up, she opens the floodgate for something else entirely.
Landslide by bicycles Rated M O/S 2,206 Words
If Daryl and Beth had stayed in the funeral home, what their first Christmas together would have been like.
Traveling On by notsospookymulder Rated K O/S 2,118 Words
Rick and Daryl work to trade the Grady cops for Beth and Carol. Though his dreams haunt him, he’s willing to do anything to get Beth back.
Snow Bound by DeadlyBingo Rated K 2 Chapters 1,930 Words
Daryl and Beth are holed up in a hunting cabin for the winter. Even if it’s just the two of them, it doesn’t stop Beth from having a little fun in the snow.
Promises Broken by maddie_amber Rated K O/S 1,908 Words
During their time alone together, Beth and Daryl must find warmer clothing to brave cold weather on its way.
This is Axiom by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 1,838 Words
Morgan and Beth are reunited with the family. Beth miraculously survived her gunshot, though not unscathed, and the one person she’s looking for is Daryl.
Numb by Serverina Rated T O/S 1,757 Words
Daryl is the one injured this time. Even with Beth by his side he can’t shake the memory of her being taken from him. He requests a comfort she can’t deny him, and it gives her comfort too.
Starting Over by reedyas Rated T O/S 1,663 Words
Daryl keeps reliving the worst day of his life over and over until he can figure out a way that Beth comes out of Grady hospital alive.
Perfect Together by akiraflame_tumblr Rated T O/S 1,619 Words
Maggie Greene watches as Beth and Daryl turn into a damn romance novel, and it’s been a long time coming.
Lord, I Don’t Know What To Do by holdupjustnow Rated T O/S 1,606 Words
Beth and Daryl are expecting a child together and it changes Daryl’s whole world.
Only Then Am I Human, Only Than Am I Clean by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA O/S 3,003 Words
Daryl and Beth already share their bodies with one another,  but there’s a part of him that keeps holding back until Beth releases everything to her.
Date Ride by ppass5 Rated M O/S 1,118 Words
Beth and Daryl enjoying getting away from the group and enjoy some time to themselves. This time is no different.
A Light Returned by coffeevixen84 Rated K O/S 1,291 Words
Maggie spots a familiar form off in the distance. Even though she realizes it’s Beth first, it’s Daryl sprinting towards her to close the distance he’d felt for too long.
Pretty In Pink by lisasays Rated MA O/S 2,985 Words
Daryl takes care of Beth’s injured foot, but she ends up taking care of both of their needs.
Dinner at the Safe Zone by siriusblackheartattack Rated K O/S 1,777 words
Eric and Aaron have Daryl and a newly arrived Beth over for dinner. As if he needs anything else but Beth Greene, they break out a little moonshine at the end of the night.
The Only Heaven I’ll be Sent To by alchemystique Rated K O/S 1,820 Words
Beth survives, and afterwards she gravitates towards one person in particular. Being with Daryl is as natural for them as breathing air.
Together We Will Rise by dynamicsymmetry Rated T O/S 1,275 Words
Beth’s prophecy about Daryl being the last man standing comes true, only she’s right there beside them when the rest of the world goes still.
Waking Daryl Dixon by Abelina Rated MA O/S 1,472 Words
Beth needs to wake Daryl for his turn of watch but gets more than she bargained for.
Farmer’s Daughter by Ozarkgirl Rated MA O/S 3,178 Words
Daryl can’t take being pent up in the farmhouse after getting injured. However, when he catches Hershel’s youngest going through his tent he needs to teach her a lesson.
It’s Whiskey by DarylsChaperone Rated MA O/S 3,749 Words
Beth and Daryl find Whiskey instead of Moonshine, and Beth enjoys her first drink. They also enjoy another one of her firsts together.
Second-Hand Happiness by LadyScarlettDixon Rated MA O/S 3,656 Words
Rick’s so burdened by his grief over Lori, being an accidental witness to Beth and Daryl’s love making gives him a tiny reprieve from his own heartache.
Scuffed Shoes by sheriffandsteel Rated K O/S 1,683 Words
Daryl and Aaron are trapped in a car surrounded by walkers. Just when he’s ready to give up his life and be reunited with Beth, she’s right there to save him.
Hold My Words, Keep Us Together by openhearts Rated MA O/S 2,954 Words
Beth and Daryl are tangled up in each other and even with their family nearby,  the sexual tension is so thick that even the slightest spark drives them over the edge.
Covert Ops by Abelina Rated MA O/S 4,394 Words
Beth and Daryl meet up with the group after the prison fell and Maggie only wants to spend time with her sister. Too Bad that Beth only wants to spend time with Daryl.
The Dream Woman by Aurora Ciel Rated K+ O/S 4,350 Words
It’s been many years since her death, but Judith is beginning to remember the blonde woman from her early life. Daryl takes it upon himself to tell her about her second mother.
Mourning Hope by DeadlyBingo Rated K+ O/S 2,802 Words
Daryl needs to help Beth overcome to devastation of losing their child.
You and Me (in the old jeep)  by abbyli Rated T O/S 2,109 Words
Beth and Daryl find an old Jeep on a run and Beth falls in love. Daryl just get jealous.
Not a Victory March by koldtblod Rated K O/S 1,112 Words
Beth gains a new perspective of Daryl, how his life has shaped him, and how their time together is shaping what they mean to one another.
A Bethyl Christmas by fallingforthecaptain Rated K+ O/S 2,086 Words
They’ve been travelling for so long, and needed a break to rest. A small home, was just what they needed., with Christmas just around the corner.
B is for Blue by holocenic Rated T O/S 1,461 Words
Daryl struggles to move on when he comes so close to saving Beth, only to lose her. All he has are his memories of her, but he does everything to keep her with him.
Not Everything Has Passed Away by lindentree Rated T O/S 2,881 Words
Beth wants to make Christmas special for Daryl after a whole childhood of missing out on Santa’s visits.
I Get It Now by Alva Starr Rated M O/S 3,513 Words
A perfect one-shot of how Coda should have ended. It also fills in some holes of scenes we missed off-screen.
A Chance by Catherine_Toast Rated MA O/S 3,577 Words
The Governor has been staking out the prison and has them surrounded, trying to slowly starve them out.  The best plan of escape is for the family is to split up. Hershel is worried that there is no one to protect Beth. He convinces Beth to seduce Daryl to make him care about her, in order to ensure her survival.
Three Times by SeattleGirl359 Rated MA O/S 4,079 Words
Beth and Daryl are safe in Alexandria. They are close but nothing has happened between them yet, until the first time.
Here by EleanorK Rated MA O/S 2,044 Words
Daryl recollects all the moments when he really noticed Beth, from the time they were at the golf club until the moment she was taken from him. And the one time they were together.
Talk (Dirty) To Me by bookstvnerdlove Rated MA O/S 2,116 Words
Beth loves the way that Daryl talks, especially when he hits that one tone that drives her insane. Daryl learns to be more vocal when he is with Beth.
Sinking Sun by Vahkhiin Rated T O/S 2,635 Words
Daryl sits on the porch of his house in Alexandria, recollecting his feelings and thoughts from when he lost Beth. And the feelings he had when he found her again.
Oh by Jenwryn Rated M O/S 2,050 Words
Beth and Daryl find a sweet setup, a house with solar panels and a well. Beth gets so excited at seeing a bathtub, she starts running a bath and taking off her clothes, forgetting Daryl is right there.


Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number by Severina Rated T O/S 2,118 Words
Set within the safety of the prison, Beth teaches Daryl how the love between two people doesn’t have to be defined by age. Whatever feelings that are growing between are familiar to Beth, as she tells a story of the steadfast love shared between her mother and father.   
Fly Your Way Home by reedyas Rated T O/S 1,953 Words
Beth is in the forest, unsure of how much further she’ll make it alone without supplies, when a good deed brings her back to the people she’s been searching for all along.
Starburst by Incog_Ninja Rated T O/S 1,078 Words
Beth and Daryl are out on their own together, but it doesn’t stop Beth from making the best of their situation. Even if it isn’t much, Beth puts together a little birthday celebration to make Daryl feel special.
Answer All My Questions by Feliz Rated M O/S 2,296 Words
A one-shot where Beth and Daryl are making their way to Terminus together. Daryl forces Beth to take care of herself, and leaves many of her questions unanswered. 
Little Hidden Secrets by maddie_amber Rated K O/S 1,711 Words
Beth and Daryl are reunited with their family after the fall of the prison. Maggie notices the are close and she is surprised and curious. One night, while everyone is chatting around the camp, she figures out a sneaky way to find out just how close.
It’s The Little Things by moonwalkingdead Rated M O/S 1,534 Words
An intimate look at the first night that Daryl and Beth spend in the funeral home to give us some insight as to how close they have become. 
On The Road by Severina Rated T O/S 1,118 Words
Daryl and Beth in a car in their way to DC. 
A Night So Long by maddie_amber Rated T O/S 2,346 Words
Set between Still and Alone. Daryl and Beth find a car, and she only hopes that the cd player is still working.
I Ain’t Living in the Dark No More by justosaygoodbye Rated K+ O/S 1,937 Words
Daryl spends his time on the road to Alexandria mourning Beth and all remembrance of her, except her knife. When they reach Alexandria, he settles in, has a job, and doesn’t try to forget but tries to cope better with his loss. When Alexandria opens the door to new survivors, he doesn’t think anything of it. In fact he thinks he hallucinating until she touches him.
Living With Nothing by burnedupasun Rated T O/S 2,304 Words
Set two episodes after Beth’s death, Daryl tell everyone he’s going to look for water but in actuality, he just needs to be alone. Not that it matters because he doesn’t feel anything anymore. He burns himself with his cigarette and wonders why he is left and she isn’t. Until she is.
If the Stars are Eternal, So are You and I by dynamicsymmetry Rated T O/S 2,713 Words
After she says “Oh”, and the dog doesn’t interrupt them, and no one tries to kidnap her, Daryl is able to reflect on what his life is now, with Beth.
No Game by doverit Rated MA O/S 4,944 Words
Beth gets back to her family, but Daryl finds some way to keep his distance from her. With a little encouragement from Maggie, Beth takes the reins addressing their lost moment. The spark between them is ignited, and this time there are no interruptions to help them deny they are meant to be something more.
Drunken Lover by crywishes Rated K+ O/S 1,768 Words
Beth rejoins her family (Coda ended well) and they all celebrate when they get to Alexandria. Beth drinks a little too much and leaves the party, finding Daryl outside. They walk home and a very tipsy Beth somehow convinces Daryl to dance with her in the empty house.
Kiss Me, and you’ll see how Important I am by seraphcelene Rated K O/S 1,251 Words
Daryl things of kissing Beth two times, and then finally does it.
Unchecked by AMiserableLove Rated MA O/S 2,127 Words
How “Fuck You” turns into “Fuck Me”
You Gotta Have Faith by HaloNoir Rated T O/S 4,500 Words
As their lives hang in the balance, Daryl’s faith wavers, wondering if Beth’s and his paths would have crossed if the world hadn’t ended. Beth remains steadfast, even when he can only think the worst.
Phoenix by mysomeday Rated T O/S 3,997 Words
The family tries to give Beth the farewell she deserves, but Daryl can’t bring himself to let her go. Just when Daryl has lost all hope, Beth proves just how strong she is yet again.
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by burningupasun Rated K O/S 3,767 Words
The group, reunited and happy in Father Gabriel’s church, make the decision to go to DC. Daryl cannot do that while Beth is still missing. He sneaks away and decides that he will do what he can to find her, since there is no hope for him without her.
Sing Me To Sleep by amourlamonde16 Rated K O/S 1,372 Words
Beth and Daryl admit how much they missed each other over a fire back together in Alexandria.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by tempestshakes Rated T O/S 3,232 Words
Beth and Daryl let in the strange little dog and the funeral home, and it brings them a little closer.
Just like a Stranger, Just like I Am by dearygirl, openhearts Rated MA O/S 3,211 Words
Beth and Daryl on the run caught in the rain.
Pine for Summer by bethgreenewarriorprincess Rated T O/S 3,205 Words
The whole group reaches Alexandria. Daryl is very hot and cold with Beth she gets fed up with him when another man hits on her and Daryl is jealous.
Blue Reminder by PunkyNemo Rated T O/S 2,411 Words
An angst Daryl reflects on himself and Beth after the events of the moonshine cabin.
Two Halves by Abelina Rated K+ O/S 3,514 Words
Beth is back with the group, and suddenly, Maggie realizes she’s close to Daryl. Maybe too close.
Hope is the Thing by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 2,148 Words
Lying out under the stars, Beth and Daryl contemplate their future living in the world of undead.
Nights Like This by TheSparksAbove Rated T 2 Chapters 1,907 Words
Beth uses all her memories of Daryl to keep her safe and warm until they can find their way back to one another once more.
Making Memories by Severina Rated T O/S 1,831 Words
Beth and Daryl escape the funeral home after it’s overrun. In the days following, Daryl lets Beth catch her breath so together they can figure out how to move forward
You Want to Kiss Me? By flippantninny Rated T O/S 1,709 Words
A run goes badly, and Daryl is injured. A little moonshine to help with the pain ends up loosening Daryl’s lips enough to express all the feelings he keeps locked up tight.
Ain’t Nothing More Right Than This by mannana Rated M O/S 1,702 Words
Beth wants to take her physical relationship with Daryl to the next level, but he’s the one who hesitates.
Up Against by fid_gin Rated MA O/S 1,133 Words
Both fuelled by the moonshine in their blood and the passion between them, Daryl takes Beth up against a tree.
Together by Ferdy 63 Rated T O/S 2.073 Words
Daryl reflects on how Beth changed him.
Pulp by scorpsifer Rated T O/S 3,494 Words
The group is settling into Alexandria when they get two new visitors. We see how everyone adjusts to them and how they adjust to their circumstances.
It Is Not Yet the End by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 2,489 Words
Beth has come back to the, but she needs Daryl to help her wash away not only the filth that comes along with survival but the weight of the world that has been resting on her shoulders.
Better Off by rosehathawhey Rated K+ O/S 4,405 Words
Beth, Daryl, and the family search a ravaged Shirewilt Estates. When they come upon Noah’s house, Beth and Daryl reflect on the deaths of all they held dear and how that shaped them into the two pieces that fit together perfectly.
So Much Closer by wellthatdepends Rated MA O/S 2,926 Words
Beth was a one night stand, but when the zombie apocalypse hits, she becomes so much more to Daryl. Set right at the start of the ZA and follows the evolution of their relationship all the way to their arrival at the prison.
In My Dreams, I Drown by soldiertotheend Rated MA O/S 1,754 Words
In Daryl’s wildest dreams he has Beth back beside him. He has her in every way until he wakes up alone and lost in a devastating reality.
We’ll Scream Our Names to the Heavens and Plains by dynamicsymmetry Rated K+ O/S 1,961 Words
There were many stories about how they reunited. Each one going slightly deeper than the rest.
Let’s Love Like We’re Kids by dynamicsymmetry Rated MA O/S 923 Words
Snow falls at the ASZ. As Beth and Daryl create the picture of playful joy, all there is is a peaceful snow globe surrounding them, even if there’s still a harsh reality outside the walls.
Give It Some Time (till the end of the world) by weshallflyaway Rated K O/S 2,399 Words
The others have begun to forget her, but Daryl wants to keep her memory alive.
Captured by inkyfingerstoo Rated T O/S 3,708 Words
Glenn made a bet with the other members of the group, on who could capture a picture of Daryl and Beth together, What ensues is pure hilarity.
Wildest Dreams by Lemonstar Rated T O/S 1,684 Words
Just because she’s not around, doesn’t mean he can’t talk to her.
Patio by Severina Rated T O/S 1,073 Words
Grady is burned to the ground and Beth is reunited with her family. She’s not the girl she once was but a stolen moment alone with Daryl gives her hope that she could herself back.
Awakening by AMiserableLove Rated M O/S 4,972 Words
After reuniting with her family, Beth feels like she’s suffocating under their doting. The one person she’s wants to just be with is keeping his distance. The tension is so high a flash of anger breaks down all their walls.
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell by fid_gin Rated MA O/S 2,051 Words
The anticipation of a first kiss weighed heavily on Beth’s mind. She never thought it would take place in a church.
Sometimes by The Bella Cat Rated T O/S 1,280 Words
Following Beth’s ordeal at Grady, Daryl does everything he can to be there for Beth, and to make her feel safe. His commitment affirms just how much he loves her.
In Dreams by leosladyforever Rated T O/S 1,836 Words
Beth comes to Daryl in his dreams. He wishes he could stay there with her, but she’s always pushing him to keep on living.
Sooner or Later by Swiftsnowmane Rated K O/S 3,927 Words
Beth stands at the fence, wondering what lay beyond it. The feeling of being useful, yet still being useless.
From Earth I Rose by Swiftsnowmane Rated K O/S 1,827 Words
Daryl’s thoughts from when he lost Beth, but found the claimers.
Tomorrow, There’ll Be So Much To Do by lindentree Rated T O/S 1,164 Words
A brief moment during the prison era shared between Beth and Daryl over a squirming fussy Judith. Daryl is suddenly seeing Beth–really seeing her, and it stirs something inside him.
This Might Sting by StrangersAngel Rated MA O/S 4,459 Words
Beth and Daryl find refuge in an abandoned cottage after Daryl injures his leg. Beth nurses his wound, and smut ensues after her efforts inspire a little too much enthusiasm from Daryl.
My Ghost, Where’d You Go by onborrowedwings Rated T O/S 3,373 Words
Having survived her traumatic experiences at Grady Hospital, Beth has become a hardened survivor. After running across Dwight and his ragtag companions, Beth goes on a mission to find the owner of a familiar crossbow that the group had stolen. On her way back to Daryl, she reminisces about what she has lost and what could have been. When she is reunited with her loved ones, she realizes that it is through her family and friends that her fragile heart can be mended and she can find hope once again.
Real and Untouched by wellthatdepends Rated MA O/S 2,099 Words
let’s stop chasing ghosts and live
Not Today by kitkat9g Rated T O/S 3,518 Words
The group go on a rescue mission to save Beth from Grady. A variation on the original plot with the main difference being Beth’s survival.
Quiet by tanglingshadows Rated T O/S 4,530 Words
Beth and Daryl escape the prison together. During their time alone, Daryl realizes he’s truly noticing Beth for the first time, and he can’t help but be drawn to her. Taking place after the fall of the prison, this story follows canon through the moonshine shack and the funeral home.
Forever and Ever by BethylForeverandEver Rated MA O/S 3,434 Words
Beth and Daryl lose themselves in a tangle of limbs and whispered declarations of their undying love.
Feel by pageslearntothink Rated K+ O/S 1,114 Words
Beth knew from simple observation that Daryl hated physical contact, so it just seemed obvious that he didn’t like any sort of romantic contact either.
Keep Singin’ by Captain-Bethyl45 Rated MA O/S 2,010 Words
Daryl wants to try something new after finding their new home and they relax a little
Unsteady by BlueEyesBlueSkies Rated MA O/S 1,963 Words
Beth and Daryl and smutty goodness.
Hold Me, For I Am Broken, and I Need Time by rednecksaints Rated M O/S 1,615 Words
After Beth manages to escape from Grady Memorial, she’s captured by a very different enemy. Rick and the group find her month’s later at Negan’s compound during the siege. After bringing her back to Alexandria, Beth seeks comfort from the one person that can truly give her what she needs.
This Is Where It Starts by rednecksaints Rated M O/S 1,272 Words
This is a one shot in which Daryl is the one to receive Negan’s bat. But before he dies, he sees Beth. Yes, it’s sad.
Birthday by pirategirljack Rated T O/S 1,176 Words
Beth didn’t die, is turning nineteen, and wants Daryl for her birthday.
Common Man by Marlex7 Rated T O/S 1,383 Words
He is someone destined to be forgotten by the world. She is someone destined to be underestimated. Daryl looks back on his life before and after the turn, the good and the bad.
Good Is Better Than Perfect by exoticdeviance Rated T O/S 1,535 Words
Daryl doesn’t ever feel safe, but he thinks this might be pretty close.
Only Love Can Enter Here by FreshBrains Rated K O/S 1,006 Words
He never thought he’d see this. Men like him don’t get lucky enough to see sights like this.
Get Up by xspaceboubd Rated T O/S 1,198 Words
Daryl can’t sleep but Beth is there to reassure him he’s not alone.
The Old Songs by koldtblod Rated K O/S 1,617 Words
Daryl has never really appreciated Beth’s singing, but just for once, he thinks he might understand.
It’s Always Darkest by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 1,830 Words
Beth’s first night in Alexandria is haunted by what it took her to get there. Daryl offers himself as comfort.
Making Room by Schwoozie Rated MA O/S 1,609 Words
Daryl wakes up with his hand in an interesting place. Beth doesn’t seem to be complaining.
Dead Ends by Dixon69 Rated MA O/S 1,625 Words
Daryl and Beth survive together but neither of them can admit their feelings until they find a little liquid courage and explore it
Tell It To The Northeast Wind by Schwoozie Rated T O/S 1,462 Words
Daryl’s brought her all this way for a reason. He must have. But how can she understand with nothing but a frozen pond and his silence as her guide?
Missed It by Vlora Rated K O/S 1,943 Words
Daryl is always too proud to admit he needed help; Beth is always too eager to help.
At My Back by Vlora Rated K O/S 2,162 Words
Daryl hates bedding, and not a damn thing will change his mind.
Fear of Death by Marlex7 Rated T O/S 1,384 Words
Daryl Dixon has never feared for his own life. Sure, he worries about the others, especially Beth, and does what he can to keep them alive, but he’s never placed his own survival as a priority. A change in his circumstances, however, may lead to a change in attitude.